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(recovered) To Freddie from Sasha, One Year Later

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To Freddie, One Year Later 11/9/04


Hey whaassup, Freddie?
This morning when mom woke up, she held me close for a really long time. I knew what day it was, too. She was very quiet and threw the clock on the floor, and told me I was more important then all the time in a day.

It's been a year since your number was called up and you were lifted up to go to heaven. We had a huge storm after that and 19 trees came down that night, but nothing hit your spot. Eric went out the next day and there was this circle around you that nothing had touched, dude, nothing. He said you were magic! But I always knew that.

After you died, I was tested for leukemia twice and no, I don't have it, but last May a coyote came into the yard and I fought it so hard I lost half my tongue. Mom says I only have one life left so she's constantly afraid I'm gonna join you sooner than later, but it will be later. My own mama told me so. Did ya see her up there? I think you did! And oh, by the way, I have a new girl and her name is Snowball. She lives with your mama across the way. Mom said she's from Siam or something and not to piss her off. Women!

I miss ya, buddy. I miss ya tons every day. Your fishing pole is still behind the big green chair, but it's not mine now Freddie because it has your ghost love all over it. I miss chasing bugs in the sun with you, eating crickets by the pumpkin patch with you, and most of all, there's nobody in the shrubby knoll anymore. It's been kinda lonely. You were a pretty good gray tabby and you'll always be the best little brother, ever. We have tons of your photos all over. It wasn't just them you know, you were the light of my life, too. So we're doin' good. We're gonna be ok. I'm not ready to come up and visit, but I'll never forget you, Freddie.

Love Always to the Moon and back,

Freddie 2/11/03 - 11/09/03
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Oh Elizabeth! I cried the first time I read this and now am again! Thank you for reposting~
to you and Sasha
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oh Ashley, that is so kind. You did the first time, too. I knew I had saved it because it meant everything to me..... and I don't want anyone else to feel they need to respond ---HEAR THAT YA'ALL???? -- it only matters to me that he's back up on the Board is all.
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Oh that is so sad. Thanks for reposting.
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Ali, thank you. Truly. I just want him back up is all,
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Mind if I tell ya I'm glad it wasn't lost? It's a lovely tribute.
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I wonder if I will read all reposts and feel the same as I did the first time I did?

Glad you are around Thanks for sharing again, I missed it the first time.
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That was lovely and very sad.
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Aw, thanks for reposting that... I hadn't read it before but it was very sweet and I'm glad I read it this time around.
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Elizabeth (and Sasha, too)

That was lovely. I've been afraid to read it (especially because I've been at work all day), but I am so glad I did.. It was lovely, and while It has brought tears to my eyes, I know that they're happy tears because I know how much you, and sasha, and Eric, all loved Freddie so much. He is there with you, always, and with SiSi, too.
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I just want to send you a big hug, What a beautiful trybute!
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Elizabeth - it was beautiful the first time I read this and beautiful again this time - I am so pleased that it wasnt lost and that this tribute can be here always in memory of Freddie
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