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Did trap Kitty

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Seems my last posts were lost. Anyhow i did trap Kitty in a carrier. It was a messy affair but kitty is working his way to warmth and happiness i hope. He had rabies and then to my surprise on the bill the vet gave him FELIV booster shot . I object to using of to many shots. Is that a must shot if the cat never had any?? The vet thinks he is 16 months or so old. He also was neutered, flead with advantage and wormed with Drontal. I hope all of the stuff is okay. I'm not big on all of these harsh medicines vets throw around. Bit to late now. Kitty is in a warm room and is slowly getting use to it. He's also so much cleaner, has gone from light gray to a darker grey. He also does not meow. I asked the vet that she thought it could be inherited. He's a longhair half persian. I'm still trying to pet him he wants me to but I'm rather skiddish and careful. Though since his nails are cut I better get over my Skiddishness and pet him. I think taming him outside for 2 months really helped in the long run
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Yes the FeLv shot is very much a must shot ESPECIALLY if a cat has never had any. Having been an outdoor/feral/stray originally, I would have tested him for FeLv and FIV which basically means they draw a little blood and test it before vaccinating him for it. That is just my opinion because there are strays with FeLv around where I live that I trap and bring in to be tested, vaccinated, fixed and if healthy...adopted. Some vaccinations don't have to be done every year either like vets say, assuming the cat will be indoor only. If outdoors then you should do it once a year to be on the safe side (a cat can pick up so many things outdoors).

Advantage is great for controlling fleas and all cats should really get it once a month but it really isn't necessary unless it is summer when fleas come and go from your house by pets and on people's clothes. It is not harsh at all. There is also Froontline and one other one that controlls ear mites and ticks maybe too? I am not sure exactly.

Drontal is also very necessary for worming. Many vets and shelters use it. Don't worry. These are not harsh meds at all, they are all very important, necessary, common meds to help keep your cat healthy. You are doing a good job!
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Hey thanks. They did do the quick blood test and he was negative. Sorry the other many posts i had are lost on this cat. I guess i still need to give him more TLC so i can really pet him. He's come a long way in two months. The weather is not good here in the East but i must say its such a relief knowing he has a roof over his head. Going to feed him outside each day for over 2 months and seeing him waiting for me on the deck since the owners had left for Florida was sad. He had no one to talk to and was all alone. It was a large estate. It bothers me a little that he does not have his freedom and is just in a bedroom for now. But I know he's better off and I think he does to. Just found his vet bill. They did test him for the FELVK/FIV comb test and that was negative. I guess I was wandering why they gave it the FVRCP Booster when i had said i just wanted the rabies and the combination test??? Also gave him the PureVax one year as i heard the other is not as good. I'm more on the Holistic side and have to watch for to many shots esp if he's not going out any more.
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Are you going to let him back outside? If so, they probably thought that this was his one chance to get the immunizations he needs to keep him safe outside. If he is going to stay in, then you can be more leisurely about getting all the shots, and he wouldn't even need the FELV if he is staying in. But maybe they couldn't be sure if he would tolerate being in, so they felt better safe than sorry. Thanks for taking such good care of him. Becky
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Yes definitely staying inside. My other cats do. I'm not big on Vets they are shot happy. Plus they usually know nothing about goods foods. They push the horrible science diet. I give my cats Innova and other healthy foods and see a noticable improvement in their coat and well being. But I know doing the flea removal and wormer and rabies was needed
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Kitty has been well. Have him in a searate bedroom.Its only been over a week now. He comes out from under the bed and is friendly but I'm still hesitant to pet him even though it seems he wants me to. Then I will try and he may swipe his paw at me and then he sits there and "smiles at me". Is it a matter of time and should I just keep trying or let him be the aggressor.Its been 3 months since I tamed him down from a stray/feral only outside. Now that he's IN a guess i really need to have alot more patience.Its very frustrating not be able to pet him. Its probably me more than him. Any ideas???
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