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Julie, I didn't get round to sending your package before the site crashed, and then I couldn't access the address. But I got it from Rosiemac and it has been posted today! Sorry for the delay. Do give us a full update. Has Ally been tested now? Are Laila and Ally together?
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Julie's back? Really? The Laila drought is over... the withdrawal is ending? Woohoo!
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JULIE!!! We've been SO worried about you!!! Whew, I'm so glad you are alright! Please post again soon and tell us how your animals are doing---especially LAILA!!! Oh man, she's gotta be what, 4 or 5 years old now? hehe! It sure feels like it's been that long, doesn't it!?!?!
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Oh Julie good to see you post! How is everything and how is Laila?

We missed you!
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Hurray! Julie and Laila are here!
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We're all waiting as patiently as we can for news. . .
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Awwwwwwwww... you guys! I missed you, too.

I still can't believe what happened here. I'm just starting to catch up.

It has been a rough few weeks. First my mom was sick and I was taking care of her, then I got the flu, too. I spent two weeks at my mom's with no internet. I came home and tried to sign on, and the site wouldn't recognize my user name. I've been away from the site for weeks.

Well, now I'm back and the site is back. I'm still a bit upset about Laila's thread, but I'm happy that the site is up and running again.

Laila is doing fine. So is the rest of the farm. Luka, Mila & Ally. They're all doing great.

Ally hasn't been tested yet. I haven't been able to coordinate my schedule with the vet's, being at my mom's for so long. We're hoping to do it on tuesday, but the vet told me that I still have to call him tomorrow and see if it's confirmed. She fattened up really nicely, and is acting like a happy kitty.

Laila on the other hand, has become a real pain in the butt. She's fine at home, happy, playful, cuddly... but she's really antisocial with other people. She growls and hisses at anyone who tries petting her. I started taking her with me to my mom's so that she gets used to other people, but she gets clingy. She won't leave my side. I don't know what to do about this. Any advice?

Well, that was Laila's update. Now some pics. I think your Laila fix is long overdue.

Laila bonded with my boyfriend while I was gone. This is how they hang out:

Laila's favorite hiding place. This is also where she sleeps. Between our pillows.

This one........ too cute!!!

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She has grown so much! So sweet. I know Tanya will be able to help you with the obnoxiousness. The only suggestion I would have is to have other people give her treats. The way to a cat's heart is through her stomach. Becky
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This one is my favorite. Laila pouncing on the camera.

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She looks like she is saying "It was THIS big, really"
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Originally Posted by zanniesmom
She looks like she is saying "It was THIS big, really"
You're right Becky, she does!
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Here's one of Ally

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ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh my goodness! Those pictures are adorable! Geez, Laila has gotten even cuter! That's cute that she is clingy, but that's not good that she doesn't take to other people. I am sure she will get over it soon. The treat suggestion sounds like a good one. I think Ally is GORGEOUS!!! I love her markings!!! I've never seen a cat like that. I'm glad you are alright, Julie!

Have a great night everyone! Talk to ya's tomorrow!!!
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Ally is beautiful. I bet that when she and Laila become friends that she will be a good influence on her and help her learn to be a cat. Becky
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oh good grief - Laila certainly does get cuter every single time we see her - I just love that photo of her on your boyfriends neck she wont be able to do that for much longer at the rate she is growing
hope she sorts out this hissing at other people thing - treats is probably a good idea but someone will certainly be able to offer some more advise.

and Ally is adorable as well - let us know what the vet says when you are able to make it there - I love her markings as well!!

thanks for putting the end to our withdrawals - it certainly could of begun to get dangerous around here
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The pictures are great! I love the sleeping one. I am sure Laila will adjust - she is still so small after all and has had such a rough time - all her experience of other people is them hurting her in some way. She will accept pets and treats eventually, I am sure.
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Now I feel like things are getting back to normal! Glad to see you back Julie! I'm sorry things have been so rough for you lately. My God! Laila's so big now! It's probably no wonder she hisses at strangers...in the past, every time she saw a stranger, they were sticking a tube up her butt for an enema!

By the way, I also got deleted, had to re-register, and was busted back down to "kitten". Welcome back!
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Oh, Laila, we missed you so much! You're just so absolutely adorable!Ally, you're so beautiful!So glad you're back, Julie!
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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww there she is and wow has she grown!, but she's still a little beauty!

That one of her sleeping looks just like Sophie if she had a black smudge on her nose

I'm sure she'll get used to people eventually. My two do a runner if strangers come and then they come and sniff then out
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Oh Julie, sorry to hear you were all sick. I had the flu about a month ago, and jerry last week, so we know what you went through. NO FUN! LOL

Laila is as cute as ever...........and so is Ally..........thanks for the fix!!

Glad your back.
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Oh my! She has gotten even CUTER... and I didn't think it was possible! I'm so sorry you were sick but I'm glad you're back (and feeling better) and posting pictures!
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Welcome back and so glad you are feeling better. I can't see the pictures here at work because of firewalls, but I'll be on the computer at home as quick as I can tonight to get my Laila fix.
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Oh wait until you see her now!
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Oi! You're back, both of you, look at that little sugarpot!! awww
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Oh my how you've grown Laila!!!
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Gosh these pics of Laila are too much!
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Hi, I just wanted to "bump" Laila up. I so look forward to posts about her.
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We need Laila, We need Laila!!!
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Hi everyone........Julie got a message to me and wanted me to let you all know you won't see her for awhile. She is having major puter problems. Just know that she and Laila are ok..........maybe someday she can come back to us. We love you Julie!!
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Board Magic for Julies computer problems. Come back to us!
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