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CHRISTMAS trees and Santa today represent no other holiday BUT Christmas, no matter where they originated. I could argue the point that if you say "Happy Holidays" to a Jehovah Witness that you might offend them because they do not celebrate ANY such holiday this time of year. Should we withhold ALL holiday greetings to strangers because we might offend them or other religions who are not celebrating ANY religious holiday now? And besides, I'm not arguing your right to say Happy Holidays if you wish, just please don't make me feel incorrect for wishing you a Merry Christmas.
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**To make a note, Jehovah's witnesses can't celebrate any holiday, so they never celebrate any such holday. that point is invalid. In Turkey, Moslems put up trees to celebrate new years, not christmas, so the trees up are not ALL for christmas. Christmas celebrations often involve candles, and Jews light the menorrah for Chanukah, and Kwanzaa also has a candle lighting ritual. So Candle Lighting is not Representative either.

If I were one not celebrating christmas, but another holiday, then Iwould be happy to accept that you are hoping to have a happy christmas, and hope that whetever holiday I celebrate goes well for me, however, I do not like that some places insist on a Christmas-only winter holiday.

It's a bit like.. "'m celebrating the birth of christ, and you should too."

And, did you know that Santa was a Turk that gave money as a Dowry to poor, TURKISH Brides? That the Ottoman empire let that tradition spread into christian countries that it had been ruling for years and years, and therefore Santa is not a christian figure, as Turks are Moslem?

Perhaps this is why I like happy holidays..

So I bid you, a santa loving gift giver... Biramisi Kutlu Olsun.
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I like Happy Holidays or Season's Greetings. But Merry Christmas doesn't bother me. I just think the other two are a better choice because they cover any of the religious holidays celebrated during these months.
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