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New Baby Murphy and one of Opie :)  

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Hi Everyone :angel2:'s :daisy:

I've only time to post a couple of pics, one of Murphy (the new edition to our family and Opie (as usual he's posing He's such a clown!
NO...NO MORE PICTURES!!! Can't a cat have any privacy around here!

I'm sick of posing! Who do I look like Opie! New toys will do though.....I knew you'd be easy to train! rrrrrreow.

See, he already has me figured out!

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Oh Catarina, they are so beautiful,looks like Opie loves the camera
You will have to introduce him to a modeling agency Murphy and Opie are just so cute,I wan't to pick them up from out of the screen and give them a cuddle

love Jackie
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Oh Catarina, they are sooooooo beautiful! Murph has "inherited" his brothers good looks!
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Cat, the pics are sooo cute!!!
Opie is a charmer and I am so glad Murphy has a loving home!!!
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Oh, Catarina,
They are so cute!!
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Cat they are GORGEOUS!!! What a lovely pair! not to change the subject here, but I just tried to post some pics for Cleo and it said they were too big - but they are half the size of yours......what can I do?
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Oh Cat they are soooo beautiful
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Cat...You have a couple of real cute kitties there!!
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To Catarina

They are so adorable and wonderful.
They have a loving home with you

Here is a present for you and your kitties.
:angel4: :flower: :girly2: :daisy: :girly1: :mimouse: :kitty5: :rainbow: :blubturq: :laughing2 :angel2: :flash: :pinky: :icecream: :homer: :blossom:
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Murphy and Opie are adorable!!!!!!!! I especially liked the first picture! How relaxed he looks!

And my question is the same as bodlovers....I tired to post my pics here, and it said they were too big, and I couldn't post them, but they weren't quite as big as the ones you just posted, so how come I can't post mine? How do you do it????? I need help!
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Hi Everyone :angel2:'s :daisy:

First of all, thank you soooooooooo much for all your sweet compliments about the my little (and big) babies... they are such lovers and clowns and trust me, I have a few more of Opie that will get you rolling.

I'm sorry to not have gotten back with you sooner as I've been unable to get on here.

Let's get started as to how I do this...It's not hard...so remember, if I can do it...anyone can! First you have to find a place where you can upload your photo's (.jpg's or .gif's) i.e.: Photopoint.com or better yet, Care2.com...You can build a very simple webpage and/or photoalbum and mirror your images from there. (Care2's great cause it's for a worthy cause www.care2.com )

1. First you have to upload your pictures on a website.
2. After you upload them onto your website, go to the picture you
want to post.
3. Take your mouse, click right on the picture.
4. Go to properties, click left. A large popup box will appear.
5. On the box, there will be a place where the URL is located.
6. Run you mouse over that so that it will highlight it.
7. Click right on the highlighted area and click left to "COPY"
8. Minimize (-) that screen where you were (website)and restore the
CatSite screen where you are posting.
9. Up at the top of this box, you'll see a host of various options.
One will be the "IMG" tag. click left on that.
10. A popup box will appear and the "http" will be highlighted. I
delete that.
11. Inside that box, click left so that your cursor is sure
to be there and then click right for paste, then click ok

Guess what...you're done! Whew...it's so easy, but like I said, it's a pain, just like anything else if you're not sure of how to do it.

If you get stuck, tell me where and I'll go over it again in a pm with ya ...If you print out these instructions it's a lot easier too...Anne showed me a while back how to do this. I'm sure her instructions are on here somewhere, but mine will do

Have a great time and don't get discouraged...You'll be putting up pics that way all the time, but you need a website to upload to. If you don't, and don't want to get into all that...send me your pics and I'll be happy to help. I just thought it'd be better to know

Love & Peace
PS...When you put your pics on this way...there is no limit to the size.
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The new addition to your family are just adorable C
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Cat....these boys are truly adorable!
Hug 'em for me?
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What adorable little furballs!!!!

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Awwwwwwww...thanks you guys!!! :angel2:'s

Deb, I'll be sure to hug 'em for ya...not a problem...those guys get squooshed every day! LOL

As I always say "they're scrumpdiliumptious"!! :laughing2::laughing2

Love & Peace,
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Dear Princess KittyLove :angel2::daisy:

I forgot to thank you for your presents! You know I love those little guys don't ya? :laughing2:

Love ya!
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