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This thread is just too funny, i love all of the yawning kitties!!!! What's wrong with possessed kitties? THey still look adorable!!! [/quote]

No problem with possessed kitties, no problem at all! Sometimes I think Smokie is possessed by a dog. She runs around and growls... rrrrrrrrrrrrrraaarrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Now she's taken to rolling around on her back so I can scratch her belly when I get home! She definitely thinks she's a dog these days!
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I just went through all these, OMG!, they are the funniest thing ever. One of my cats SunShadow was sitting beside me, every once in a while he would sniff the monitor.
Way too cute
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I just had to dig this thread up again! I just got one of Sash yawning while waking up, these kind of pics are so cute!!

Here's another older one of my little "big mouth"
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This one is my favorite!

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I can't get many yawning pics from Buffy. I think I have only 2, lol, and one of them is so blurry it's frightening (it's not online, though).

Willow - HARD yawn, lol

Willow - Another big yawn

Molly - such a cutie poo

Buffy - doing her yawn-with-head-tilted-when-pondering-something thing when watching the Cat Sitter DVD

Back to Willow
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Here's my contribution to this thread.... sleepy Wowzers

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Here's Nate... a bit of a scary yawn

check out those sharp kitten teeth!

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ok all these cats yawning i think i yawned about 20 times looking at them all so cute!!!!
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here's my new boy, Chip, yawning!

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Originally Posted by Aussie_Dog
Willow - HARD yawn, lol
She looks like she is about to bite someones head off. If I saw that I sure wouldn't have thought it was a yawn! She looks pissed :p: .
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Here are my yawners:

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It's been ages since I checked this thread out!

Great new yawns everyone!

Aussie_Dog, I just realised that you have a Molly and Willow too! But kind of the opposite to mine!
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I apologize if there already is a yawning thread.

Let's see your kitties yawn!

Here's Scratch after a long day:

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I've totally posted this before, but I still think it's one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

Behold Scratch Fury Destroyer of Worlds in all his glory.
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I have a lot of Harley yawning, but these are my very very favorites

I know this one has been posted a few times before... but it fits here too
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Man this thread makes me want to yawn...

Alright I got two big ones from Neppy

I went to take a picture of Naraku's yawn but he's too quick. I got him grinning instead.

Sorry for the blurry pictures, my camera is new and I'm learning how to use it.
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Those made my day today! Cats are amazing on how they can make a bad day better!
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So I just posted this in one of my posts, but I think it belongs here as well

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