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EDIT: UPDATE!!! YAY YAY YAY Strike this whole thing -- they got the kitten in the trap!!!!

OK, this is a bummer of a story.

I'm getting more and more calls now about animals in need. Apparently, last Wednesday night/Thursday, an 8-12 week old kitten fell into a roadside drainage pipe system. Some teenagers dropped in the grate and tried to get it out, but it ran away through the pipes.

They tried to find it themselves, to no avail, and I was ultimately called Saturday with the details. I brought a trap, but the kitten hasn't been caught. There's about an inch of water in the pipe system, which snakes over hundreds of yards and empties out to a river (the water deepens at the entrances). There are a few dry spots of leaves in the pipes, but not much.

We put the trap in the system, but no dice. It's impossible to see down there without dropping every grate on every block (all of which weigh about 100 lbs and would require a crane to put back).

Kitten was last seen Friday. We've had two nights of 32-degree weather now.

Any chance this kitten is still alive? Would it try to get out, or would it try to return to the place it fell in? Is the water a death sentence for a kitten that age? It's warmer than street-level down there, but still cold at night.

The teen's family and friends have been looking, but I have had to work. It's been on my mind, though.