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Big Kitty

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Hello everyone!

I rescued a very fat cat a little over a year ago at a humane shelter. She was about 21 pounds, short squatty legs, very small head and huge body. She was found under a dumpster here in NY and was infested with fleas. Since last year we have tackled her shyness, dandruff from the fleas, and she has become the spectator event amongst my friends. This past week we went back to the vet to get her tested for a thyroid problem which came back negative and she has gained 2 more pounds! This is a very happy cat but I can't think she is as happy as she could be. I have her on Iams Lite and have decided she is not allowed to graze all day and only eat 2x a day. Is there anything anyone has done to help cats lose weight? She is 9 years old and I also have a very active little 9 pound cat that loves to harrass the big one all day. I feel so sorry for the big girl but don't know what else to do.

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A girl I work with had the same problem and she took her cat to the vet this week and found out her cat has diabetes.
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I had her tested 2 days ago for everything and it all turned out normal. This cat would eat non-stop if given the chance. She eats especially if she is stressed, happy or if you talk to her. I find her waddling to her bowl if I even say her name.
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First I would make sure that the test for the thyroid was a free T4, not just a T4. The regular T4 on cats can show false results.
Then I would actually talk to the vet about a prescription diet. They can do the math and break down the caloric intake to help her loose weight but not too fast.
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