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My latest rescue-

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Meet Prowler, a 10 week old polydactyl female. Jennifer (from the board) told me about her, so I said we would take her. She was anemic and lousy with fleas, so I rushed her to the vet and she is doing really well. Taking over the house! LOL

And a shot of her toes

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She's gorgeous! I love orange kitties. Very cool toes, too!
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She's adorable hissy. I love red cats. You have such a kind heart to take in the strays to get better.
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How many toes does she have?

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Awwww, what a cutie!
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she has 21 toes! If she were male and black we would call her Blackjack!
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LOL. That's great!!
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Originally Posted by hissy
she has 21 toes! If she were male and black we would call her Blackjack!
She's definately a cutie....I love the mittened look too.

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What a precious little girl! She must be queen now, she just has that look about her!
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She is a beautiful kitten. Looks like she's got fairly long hair.
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Fantastic! You beat me to to her -
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She is gorgeous!
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She's beautiful, how nice of you to take care of her.
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aww beautiful
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What a beautiful little girl she is!!

I rescued a polydactyl last year and adopted him to a friend (who btw is looking for a "queen" for her house, also btw LOVES red fluffy female tabbies and also btw loves polys). Elwood (her poly) has also taken over the house - wonder if it's the poly gene that does that or the red female gene. Our red female (all 6 pounds of her) definitely runs things here.

What a treasure she is!!

(and last btw...I've already forwarded her picture to my friend)
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oh MA she is just adorable and she couldnt of asked for a better home to go to
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She's beautiful! Really! She looks pretty happy! Bless you for taking care of her
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Awww.............she's such a cute little girl! Bless you for taking her in.
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Such a sweetie!! Such a LUCKY sweetie!
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I'm coming to steal her.... LOL Must have more photos!!!!
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LOL! Thanks for the toys, she loves the feather mice! Seriously she is taking over the house, adapting quite well and even standing up to the alpha kitty quite nicely-
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Aaawww, Prowler, you're so precious! She's beautiful, MA, so unique and so very special!
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I can't see her!
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Aw she's so cute! I've never met a polydactal kitty before... and I would've never noticed her toes if you hadn't pointed them out! That's so great that you're taking her in!
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she's pretty wish i had the room to take in more cats maybe one day will move more out in the country i can have more pet's I have the heart to do it but not enough room with five pets of my own and kermit makes 6 but he lives outside my husband made a cat house for him so hes happy hes really got big over the past two months
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The pics finally came up for me. She is SOOO cute!
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What a darling! I just might have to come down and catnap her!
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Oh - she is sucha beauty and from what i can tell has lots of personality *LOL*
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Orange Baby So Sweet.. She has big feet (my favorite) Too Cute
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You're so wonderful to be taking her in. Thanks you. You're lucky too, she's beauiful!
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