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Originally Posted by huggles
I was wondering how people knew that it had been recieved - how does that work? we dont have anything like that here. does it cost? do they call you? what? wow its the small things in life
I think it cost a $1.35. It's great because you can check on-line with the tag number they give you and see what the status of the package is.
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Originally Posted by huggles
ooooooohhhhhhh I hope its yours Ash!!!!!
ME TOO!!!!!
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So nanananana :P
Just kidding. Anyway, I got mine and in it was lots of awesome toys for the kitties. They already mauled the sheep toy. A cool picture from for me that is a cat, with the face missing where you would put the picture. A keychain with "I love my Cat" on it! A day by day cat calander, and a Christmas fairy!

I love it all!!!

It also had a bunch of cool brochures in it from Columbus Indiana. Now, this throws me off. Becuase when I saw Indiana, I thought I had it figured out. I double checked this persons profile, and they say they are from "southwest" Indiana, and Columbus is in the southcentral, southeast area. (I checked mapquest). So, now I am confuzzled

Patty, was it you? Or do I need to start from scratch and try to figure it out again?

Whoever it was, thank you very much! Me and the pufferbutts love everything!
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Originally Posted by Creepyowl
Hey! I'm waiting in Canada too......
Yep I guess it could be yours too.....but no I think it is mine

I LOVE your siggy... Emmett is one cute kitkat!!!
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Still no sign of a package for me.
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I got mine a long time ago and I loved it.

I have sent mine, but I think it has not arrived, soooooooo did I send it to any of you that haven´t got theirs yet????
I might have - and I might not have

I was pleased mine was not wrapped in Christmas paper, it might have been hard to wait untill Christmas, since it got here that early.
The gift from me is not in Christmas wrap either, so if anyone thinks they know its from me, dont open the box if you want to wait untill Christmas to see what´s inside
(But how on earth would anyone know, just by the box that´s it´s from me )
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I just had a chance to sit down and go through the mail and I got mine as well. A drawing of a kitty and a very pretty silver necklace with a pink flower on it.
My aunt is going to frame the picture for me tomorrow! I love them both!! Thank you so much!!
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Originally Posted by huggles
rip it open Stephanie!! rip it open
Sierra was the one doing the ripping! Thank you so much, Laurie, Sierra loves her gifts so much!
Laurie was so sweet to give my sweet baby girl a beautiful stocking with a kitty on it, and a catnip toy named PuttiCat. It says it is guardian angel for your cat! She certainly needs a guardian angel! I'm not sure that Sierra has ever been so excited about a new catnip toy!She rolled all over, and kicked and loved on it for the longest time, then she loved on the pretty stocking where Laurie had cleverly hidden her toy! She also has a new little ball with a bell that she has enjoyed batting around once she came off her catnip high!
Thank you, SS Laurie! We are so happy!
Will post pics as soon as I get them on the computer!
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Awww, this sounds so wonderfull! I will definately be one of the first to sign up next year!
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I am so happy to hear that Sierra loves her presents

The cat nip is a "Fat Cat" toy made in Vermont. My cats are wild about the whole line of toys (must be very good cat nip!).

I thought the stocking was adorable. . . . wished I had grabbed a few as they sold out quick.

I hope you like the rest of your presents as much as Sierra likes hers.

Thanks for keeping me (and everyone) posted!
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So glad you're here, Laurie!Yes, this must be so incredible catnip! Thank you so much, and I know I will absolutely love everything! You wrapped our gifts so pretty, too, and the entire package smells wonderful!
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Sierra's wonderful presents! Isn't her stocking so lovely!

Sierra having such fun!

See her little tongue?! When she's finished playing, her entire toy is wet!

Catnip daze!

Thank you, again, Santa Laurie!
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what wonderful gifts for Sierra you can tell how much she loves them!!!
Love the photos of her with the catnip toy and that stocking is great
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Thank you, Danielle!
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Those are great Sierra! Our kitties LOOOVVVEE Fat Cat toys!
And you are such a pretty girl Sierra!!!!
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Aaaww, thank you, Ashley!

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What lovely presents! Sierra looks so happy with her catnip angel mouse! She looks so adorable playing with it!
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Thank you so much, Sarah!
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Ohhhh, I'm getting a little worried now about my SS present not arriving at its destination

I posted it ages ago and should have arived at ________'s house in __________ the week before we TCS was down

To my SS I am so sorry that it hasn't arrived yet, I am hoping....hoping....hoping....that it will arrive to you VERY soon!

I have been so excited for you to get it!! I hope you like it after all this time!!
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Oh wow, sure looks like Sierra liked her presents! She looks so sweet enjoying them!
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Oh Stephanie, what nice gifts, and SIerra looks absolutely wonderful!!!
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Sierra looks like she's haveing such a great time playing with her new gifts!!
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Yes, such fun, you guys, thank you for your sweet complements! Sierra said she would like to purrsonally recommend this toy!
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Hvent got mine either
also my SS recipient has not posted here at all so am not 100% she got hers either and that was weeks ago -
A little thank you would go a long way
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Originally Posted by tulip2454
Hvent got mine either
also my SS recipient has not posted here at all so am not 100% she got hers either and that was weeks ago -
A little thank you would go a long way
I know exactly how you feel!

Did you post overseas?
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Originally Posted by Sar
I know exactly how you feel!

Did you post overseas?
Yes - to the States
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Um, can maybe whoever was in charge of whichever SS group you were in help you out - maybe send an PM to find out who still has not gotten their gift?

Just an idea....

Or maybe just PM all those who haven't replied on this thread?
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Originally Posted by tulip2454
Yes - to the States
Me too Were you able to get registered? I was told I couldn't because it was going overseas....but I sent it by Air Mail so it should have arrived there

Hopefully we're worrying about nothing....
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I'm sure people will get their gifts. I sent mine over seas and they said it would take 7-10 days but it ended up taking almost a month!
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I still haven't gotten mine either But the postal service around here isn't great and there's still acouple of weeks to go
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