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Yes, Sarah, your package just has to arrive today!
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This is for you Sarah
Hurry up Mr. Postman!!
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come on mr.postmas - no slacking just cos its christmas eve - there's people waiting for their presents
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Awww, my SS, how did you know it was me?

I like the wooden cats too. Note how they were lovingly wrapped in bubble wrap, and I was joking here that they had little russian hats.

When I saw those cats, I was like, "Whoo, Jackpot!"
It was a rare find. So were the stickers.

I couldn't send you chocolate or cat food, because that wasn't allowed in the FedEx box.

Anyway I'm glad you liked my gift.
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Christmas eve and still waiting!!!!! Is it just Sarah and me who's the only one left?

i love those wooden cats from the philippines, they look so cool! Eva is one lucky gal!
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Okay so its no longer SS but Secret New Year Pal. Not much of a secret really as there are a couple of very anxious Santas out there, plus me cos I know it must be tough for them as well. I know its hard but when they do arrive you will have the 1st presents of the New Year. How great is that - just when you thought it was all over WHAM a pressie! When does your postal service get going in the US - I think ours here in the UK starts up again on Monday or Tuesday.
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How exciting to receive a New Year's gift! Hurry, packages, arrive!
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Thank you all for your hurrying vibes!

It didn't arrive, but I am now excited to get a New Years package instead!! Extra excitement and anticipation!!

Hobbester (Pearly) we will be getting gifts while everyone has already had theirs!! How exciting will that be!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their day and smlling good food!!
Merry Christmas everyone!!
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YIPPEEE! I'm SO happy that you enjoyed the gifts (and that the kitties did too)!!! YAY! It's so cool seeing pics of the stuff i sent you from here, all the way in England now!!! hehe!!! I absolutely love those chocolates...my mom bought me a whole bunch from there for my Christmas stocking! Well, i will write more tomorrow, but it's 12:33 in the morning and i'm tired!! Sweet dreams everyone!!!

Thanks for brightening my days (and nights )!!!
Love, Lacey
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Great gifts! I just love those wooden cats and the embroided bag, how wonderful Lacey!
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Thank you Secret Santa from the bottom of my heart the kid and the half kid are playing with their new toys as I write this.... THANK YOU!!
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Originally Posted by sandra

Thank you Secret Santa from the bottom of my heart the kid and the half kid are playing with their new toys as I write this.... THANK YOU!!

your welcome!!!

i'm glad you like your presents!! sorry it came 2 days late, it should have been there on xmas eve (damn mailman!) HOPE YOU ENJOY ALL YOUR GIFTS!!! jenny baci system and serj
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Hurray, Sandra!
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Karen (Jazzy) has been far too busy in China preparind for her wedding, and her SS present is still in the US with Jake's Dad. Going by the return address, she believes Rita is her SS! So, Karen asked that I say
Thank you so much, Rita, from Karen!
She is so excited to open her present as soon as she gets it, and wants you to know how very grateful she is!
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Yup, it's me and I hope Karen will like everything
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She sure is looking forward to opening it, Rita!
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Thank YOU.
Sandra I love the shirt and the game sorry I have not posted sooner,
but this has been a bad month for me. I am just now slowing down from Christmas
and weddings and cheesecakes and rolls ...
THANKS for the cards it helps the pain to read the sympathy cards and wishes every one sent.
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Glad to hear a few more of the pressies are coming in! Gosh tomorrow it will be NYE!
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:bump: It's NYE now, anyone else received their pressies? i'm still waiting on mine *twiddle thumbs*
i guess everyone got their SS gifts?
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Is the list ever going to be posted? I want to be able to thank my SS with her name!
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Originally Posted by Sweets
Is the list ever going to be posted? I want to be able to thank my SS with her name!

Do you have any hints or clues...maybe we can help you figure it out
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Ooh Sandy. Hints, hints!

Aww Pearly! Hope yours comes soon!
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
Ooh Sandy. Hints, hints!

Aww Pearly! Hope yours comes soon!
She comes from Lafayette IN. I got that from the return address and the paper included. No signature, no pictures of kittys.
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I think Catherine lives there although I'm not too sure if she was involved in this...

Have you searched for Lafayette, or even Indiana? Good luck Sandy! I'll keep my thinking hat on.
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Okay so I know it is a bank holiday here in the UK so no post but what about everywhere else - has anyone received their late SS pressie yet. Who is left - HURRY UP MR POSTMAN -
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Sure hope they arrive soon!
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I was getting ready to leave my parents' today (after the holidays) and the postman arrived with a parcel!! For me!!

It was my SS! I waited all morning til I opened it, as I had to come back to the flat! I was so excited - and still am!!

I received a Spoon rest shaped as a Santa Kitty, A Paw photo frame, 4 spreading knives, and I NY t-shirt! I love them all! Tibby and Molly have been having so much fun with their gifts too! Lots of cat nip mice, a stocking of toys and some delicious treats that Tibby fought to open!!

Thank you very much to my Kitty Friend from NY/NJ!! I love all the things so much! It was such a nice surprise!

Once I have loaded my pictures to Photobucket, I will post them for you all to see my wonderful presents!

Hmmm, who can it be? I will search this thread and see what I can work out!! I have an idea!!??
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Hmm, from my research, I think that my SS is Pearly (Hobbester)!?? Am I right?

Thank you so much! I love my gifts! I am trawling through my photos to find a good one of Tibby and Molly (together??!!) to put in the frame!

Thank you to both you and Hobbes for our lovely presents, you wrapped them so carefully and beautifully!!

Hugs, licks and purrs to you both from the three of us!!
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OMG OMG OMG they finally arrived Sarah!!!! YAY~~~

i was keeping my fingers crossed all this time hoping it'd get to you, and i'm so glad you love the presents. My favorite is the Santa Kitty spoon rest, i love it! It's one of the best sellers at the store where i worked at over the weekends. They were sold out long before Christmas!!! i should've bought two

i hope the T-shirt fits, i am not familiar with UK sizing The toys should keep Tibby & Molly busy for a while hehe. Hobbes was trying to play with them when i was putting together the box, i had to shoo him away poor thing.

Meanwhile...i'm still waiting for my SS gift.
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Awww, Pearly you haven't received yours yet? It will arrive soon! I will send all the hurrying vibes I can to make it get there!!

The spoon rest is great!! I am going to keep it out all year round!! I couldn't bare to put it away for Christmas!! The t-shirt is quite big, but VERY comfortable that way!! Tibby and Molly are still enjoying everything!! I think I will have to hide the treats before they all go by the end of the day!!

Poor Hobbes, he must have thought they were for him!!

Is the return address on the package your address now? (If I remember correctly, you were moving?)

Thank you so much again!
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