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Still not arrived

Thank you Creepyowl and Emmett for your lovely card! I received it this morning!
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Originally Posted by Sar
Still not arrived
me neither
although its 11pm here - will check in the morning - 2 more postal checks until we leave to go away for christmas....
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Danielle, yours is in route, hopefully will get there sooner rather than later!
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AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! Catfolks got his SS gift today.....and he's not here to open it up! At least its here and not at home where the kitties can get to it and open it for him!
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oooooo, can't wait to see what Charlie got!
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Oh I hope you all get your goodies from your SS's in time for Christmas!!!
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I'll go ahead and post what Charlie got, he can post his thanks to SANDRA tomorrow,
'cause he's already in bed for the evening! She sent him a georgeous blue plaid shirt and an electronic hockey game! Heehee, I'm not sure yet which he was the most proud of!
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Mine hasn't got here yet either

i hope my SS gets it before Christmas, i mailed it out on the 14th, i dunno how long it takes to arrive UK by airmail. Sorry!!!!! The package is over 4lbs though.
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_________'s package will arrive Dec 23rd noon!!

And... dear SS,
don't you believe what I wrote on the Custom's declaration, ok? My package really costs more than 20 dollars

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[quote=mamam]_________'s package will arrive Dec 23rd noon!!

Wow thats cutting it close
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^ Close is Dec 24th midnight, I'd hitchhike on Santa's sleigh then

From the start I knew I couldn't use our postal system (too undependable) so I went courier. Pretty expensive, but ya just have to grin and bear it
Courier takes only hours to deliver so I knew I could cut it close -- anyway, we're not supposed to open our gifts before Christmas, right?

Shall I tell which shipping company did I use? Nah... it will be a surprise when the ______ van (do they use vans, btw?) is parked outside my SS' house!
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Just got an email from the postal service tracker and my package arrived in the immediate area of my SS last night my time! YIPPEEEEE!!!
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Originally Posted by LaceyDF
Just got an email from the postal service tracker and my package arrived in the immediate area of my SS last night my time! YIPPEEEEE!!!
WooHoo! So it has arrived in the UK then? *nudge, nudge*

It is so cool you were able to track it! I wasn't able to do that when I sent my SS gift!
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oh i hope i hope i hope i hope it makes it to this person!!!
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Patty, this is for you. Say the word and it's yours!

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Oh it looks beautiful!

Hang on to it and maybe your package will still come!!
I'm hoping and praying that it makes it there!!!!!

Still MIA
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awe, i feel sorry for all you wonderful people who are still waiting.. i would be in total agony if i had to wait!
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The waiting is over
Got my SS (Evansville hum that address seems familiar )
But - and a BIG but.........I cant post pictures I have photobucket and have tried to post but they are HUMUNGUS - how do I resize. I have gone back into the original photo and resized and put it on p.bucket again and reposted but they still come out full size - HELP. please!
Anyway will tell you what I got-lots and lots of little wrapped pressies. packets of cat food (I hope in a way they dont like it cos if they do I am stuffed - you cant get it over here ) with one weight management special for Katy (v.thoughtful) catnip toy Tulips fav-cat toy (Dirts fav) a kitty calander, some stuff for my art work, shower gel,CHOCOLATE (ha Huggles bet your jealous)but best of all was a calico(?) bag that was embroidered special with my tag line on it - I tell you I nearly cried when I took it out the wrapping-that was INCREDIBLY thoughtful and special.
And a newspaper from - guess where Evansville! Nice houses
Gosh now who can it be .......... oooooo wait for it I have a mental picture of a small tabby called perhaps JUICY and no her name will come to me in a minute ha ha I do believe its LACEY.
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wow, what wonderful gifts!
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Your gifts are fantastic, Alexis!Yep, better hide that chocolate from Danielle!Your calico bag is so special!
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haha! I'm so sorry you had to wait so long, Alexis, but it still made it in time for Christmas! I'm sooo glad!!! Let me know how the kitties like the wet food...that stinks that you can't get it there. Please let me know when you try the chocolate. It is a kind that is made only in Evansville, and i LOVE it!!! I hope nothing was smashed. My boyfriend works for UPS and tells me how packages are thrown regularly...i hope this was not the case with mine (although i sent mine USPS instead). The embroidered bag is what was taking me so long to send off the package. I'm so very glad you like it!!! I was going to have them embroider kitties with your cat's names next to them, but it would have taken too long, and i didn't have the idea until the last minute anyway. YIPPPEEE! I'm so excited you got the present in time!!!

Again, let me know when you try the chocolate, i have to know what you think!!!

Also, i can't wait to see pictures of your kitties with the toys!!! You can resize pictures in photobucket if you have a free account with them. I'm sure, if you don't , that someone can explain resizing to you otherwise.

What's really special is that Alexis had me, and I had her!!! Isn't that neat?!?!?! I thought so!!!
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Okay managed to do this 'with a little help from my friends'

all the pressies plus this great box with snowmen on it

Oooo Tulips found the green cat nip cat

Poor Dirt was left with the wrapping paper cos Tulip would not let him near the toy

Mischa got in on the act after being a bit unsure of what was going on - she may be big but shes a bit of a scaredy cat - not sure if it was the chocolate or the toy she was after
ooops run out of space - see next post for MORE
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Okay as promised...
Fat Katy - after scoffing the weight reduction food Lacey sent

Isnt she a sweetie!

the Fab Bag - no too clear but trust me it is brilliant

these gifts are very special and very thoughtful - THANK YOU LACEY for being my SS. it was a surprise to say the least that we got each other - but a really nice surprise.
Oh and by the way the chocolate is really really really nice. All gone now
Thank you again and a Merry Christmas to you and all your family.
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Wow, Alexis, your presents are just so fantastic! Looks like your babies sure think so, too!I can see now just why your new bag is so precious to you!
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You guys its here!!!! Guess what? I couldn't wait!! I had to open it!! I just couldn't wait! I LOVED EVERYTHING
Here's the goodies!!!

Samson was the first to check out the goodies!

Trouble wasnt far behind coming for her toy!

I dont think I can pick a favorite everything was wonderful. But if I just had to choose it would be the Box of Gods Promises and the wooden cats! Wait the bird windchime is great too. I collect windchimes so its super. Only this one will not go outside. Oh I really liked the doilies. They were awesome.

This is what I had in my SS gift. Box of Gods Promises,Note pad with a beautiful inscription,3 catnip mice for my babies,cards with wonderful sayings
and my name under them. Which is hard to find, I know. You can find the name Eve but not always Eva. I received a windchime, a cookbook from the
Philippines and a post card from there as well. Stickers with cats on them. two doilies and the wooden cats!!!! 4 of them. I have already put them on the shelf above my love seat!!!! THANK YOU Mamam so much. Everything was so great.
It was so hard for my boys to not open that package before I arrived home.
Thanks again.
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Originally Posted by tulip2454
CHOCOLATE (ha Huggles bet your jealous)but best of all was a calico(?)
no no I am not jealous - just not this time - the reason you will see in a moment!!!

and YAY!!! my gift arrived

I must admit my SS was extremley sneaky!!!! you see - it came from someone whom I believed was just sending me a gift - I didnt in a million years think she would also be my SS!!!
Anyway the gift was sitting here for a WHOLE day and I was saying no I will wait until christmas day - finally my SS convinced me to open the parcel at least - so I did and opened the card - to discover that she was my SS!!!!

sneaky sneaky girl!!! THANKYOU SO MUCH STEPHANIE & SIERRA!!

I cant post pictures right now as I actually opened it shortly before we left to go away - but I will when I get home in a few days!!

I got - chocolate in the shape of a frog
I got fudge from a local store which is handmade (did I ever tell you fudge is my second favourite????).
There was this gorgeous windchime ornament also - cant wait to hang that up
a herseys christmas bar - chris seems to think that was for him think he would know me better than that by now
Tipsy & Cedar got a cat dancer which I am soooo happy with!!! I havent seen them here but heard all about them - I will take photos of there first play with it!!!
Some special special handmade cookies that Stephanie herself baked thats so special to me Steph
and some bonito (sp?) - which is japanese dried sardines ( is it sardines - sorry I am going off memory here). Cedar actually ripped into the bag before I had a chance to open it

I so hope I havent forgotton anything - if I have I will add it when I get home along with all the photos!!

THANKYOU THANKYOU so much again Stephanie & Sierra - you certainly had me guessing and waiting but it arrived in perfect timing!!!
we love EVERYTHING you sent us
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You're so sweet, Danielle! I'm so thrilled you and the boys are enjoying everything so much!Sierra and I had so much fun finding these items and we also had a bit of an advantage over some other SS's because we were shopping for a friend knowing already what you like! Believe we have been even more exited about you finally receiving it than you were!
Hope you're having a wonderful Christmas Eve!

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Hurrah - great gifts for Eva and Danielle (by the way I think I might be jelous of you with all that choc ) not really mine was fab too!
Worth the waiting isnt it and getting them just in time as well-bril.

Okay so who's left - still rooting for you to get them for today
Happy Christmas Eve folks - just poodling into town for some last minute shopping now while it is still early.
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Eva, Alexis and Danielle received their gifts! and what wonderful gifts they are!!

I am still hoping that mine could arrive today!!
Send hurrying vibes!!
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