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Sunday 12/05 DT

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Well here is our daily thread again, I have missed everyone oh so much! Today we got up early and played with Miss Prada (my new puppy if you haven't seen) and then went out to Lowes and Wal Mart to get more Christmas decorations. We then went outside and hung up some lights and put out candy canes. Later tonight we are having our Thanksgiving, as some of you know we moved from CA to VA Thanksgiving week, and the stove in the house didn't work, so we had to buy a new one and it was delivered Friday.

So, what has everyone else been up to?
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I actually had to do work on my thesis! GASP! I never realized how much time I spent on TCS, even just lurking, till it went down. I just sat here hitting refresh, over and over for hours. Not really, but you get my drift.
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I'm SO GLAD the forums are back up! I was so lost without them!! I mean, I actually had to do work at work - how horrible is that?!?!

Well, I did have plans for the day - cleaning, wrapping presents and cross stitching, but I guess those can wait.
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I overslept...and have been trying to wake up for the past few hours now LOL

Just estatic to be back

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I have been waiting for the forums to come back online. In the meantime, I have been integrating the new critters- Gypsy and Prowler into the household- some posturing and spitting and hissing, but otherwise going well-
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[quote=Grissom]I actually had to do work on my thesis! GASP! I never realized how much time I spent on TCS, even just lurking, till it went down. QUOTE]

oh Amber, let me tell ya! You sure are right. I finished ALL the laundry and ironing this time, not just "parts" while I read the Boards; I made pies, I made a holiday wreath for our front door; we put up the tree; I washed the car; and I rented movies I have been meaning to see. I even talked --get this-- on the phone <heavens!> to my family.
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I put my decorations up yesterday and am i pleased i decided not to put a tree up this year!.

Sophie was crying when she couldnt get at the tinsel i had in my hands!. I've put everything out of reach from them but i have a chain of bells that i draped over the fire mantle and she had those down twice!.

I had to wait until today when she was out of site until i put them on it again but i'll have to keep an eye on her!
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I woke up late, turn the t.v on and watch the football game. My team got beat again. I'm not having a great weekend because my other team got beat yesterday but I'm glad the site is back.
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i kept on coming to this site to see if the forums were back up. I got loads of people to check if it was working because i thought my computer had died or TCS had banned me :|!!!!!
Im glad it didnt.
I had a hard time of anyone read my last post.
I finished putting my christmas decorations last night i was up at 3 am doing them!
I have two trees... They are the same size but like small.. One is real and its sprayed in white. The other one is fake and its already decorated with lights it was only 6 euros so i bought it!!
I bought lights to go on my window yesterday for only 1,50 euro I was so happy to get these bargains!
Ive also set up my aquarium but i must admit its my first time and i dont know what to really do... lol! im waiting untill tuesday untill the tank is filted and has some bacterias for the fishes to eat??????????????????? thats what the store said!
otherwise just sat here been bored
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As always, Sunday is grocery day - Bill's turn to buy. All of the laundry is done. Now that TCS is back, I have the rest of the day free, to browse.

Tonight, there's a special on the Discovery Channel, about the firstborn son of Ramses the Great. Since I don't have to work until Wednesday, I can stay up and watch it.
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I've had the luxery of relaxing for the last 2 days and doing not much more than grocery shopping, laundry and a nap each day. My cats are digging it - I'm recovering from a muscle spasm in my back and have to lie still a lot. Can you say "hop on mom"? I do know that my lap will fit 5 cats comfortably.
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While the site was down I was going thru withdrawls and cleaning, doing laundry,and spending time with the other half(LOL!). the thrid thing was great though. we took some time off and had the weekend off so we went shopping Friday at the new strip mall in Chicago, that was fun. Then yesterday we went to the Cat show in Davenport, and today we went to home Depot and got a new screen door and some plastic to winterize the house but since the catsite is all better I have better things to do then that stuff.
The guys just found out that the screen door doesn't fit even though the guy said that the all the doors are the same size, it's three inches to tall. darn it!!!!!!
what to do now???
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Did the usual Sunday morning excursion to the store for some necessities - like doughnuts, and came home to read the paper and eat the doughnuts...

Planned to have a quiet day, but then read the obituary of a family friend and neighbor. So Mom had me calling her brothers who knew the fellow (his family's land butted against the back of my grandfather's land and Mom has known his mother since she was a toddler!). We went to the visitation this evening. Was talking and the conversation got to cats and how we humans cater to them and then talked to a younger brother of the deceased and found out he was interested in learning lapidary (gemstone cutting)!

Spent Saturday afternoon at my uncle Roy's. On December 6, 2003 my Aunt Diana died (mom's younger sister) and the siblings got together for a dinner and a sort-of-wake. We did want we do best - eat and talk and tease!
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