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2 1/2 week old kitten not doing so well...

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My orphaned kitten Missy was doing so well up until Tuesday. She still eats and pees no problem, but she hasn't had a bowel movement since Monday night. I stimulate her after each feeding and have no probs getting her to pee. She is being kept warm, with a hot water bottle wrapped in flannel for her to snuggle up to, in a heated room. She is a very eager eater as well...but no bm's. She is supposed to have one a day isn't she? What can I do for the poor dear?? I love her so much.
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Sorry to hear Missy isn't doing well. I would make a vet appointment ASAP! Better to be safe than sorry.
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Since I last posted, my little Missy's condition has improved! She had a bowel movement after eating a few hours ago and is already seeming to perk up. We aren't out of the woods yet, but things are looking up. Yay!
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Yay for Missy! Glad to hear she is doing better! Keep us updated. I can't wait to see pictures of her!
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Just was reading about Missy - how is she doing?
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Missy is absolutely thriving! Thanks for your concern!:rainbow:She is three weeks old as of Saturday. I'm happy to say all of her 'bodily functions' are back to normal. She is more active, scooting all around my living room. She is also starting to play a bit. She'll roll over on her back when we are having "snuggle time" and bat at my fingers. My 'teenage' kitty Loco ran up to her today and batted at her with his paw and, to my surprise she reached out her teeny paw and smacked him on the nose. He ran under the chair in embarrassment She began using the litterbox yesterday too, I just put her in after I had cleaned it and she just seemed to know what to do right away! Yay..no more wiping her bottom after each meal...I put her in the litterbox while I'm cleaning her bottle and stuff up. My little cutie! Before I know it, it will be weaning time....
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Melissa - this is such good news. I have hand raised 4 kittens - quite a chore, but worth every minute of it. There seems to be a special bond afterwards. Unless you have done this - there is no real understanding of how exciting not wiping the butt can be!
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