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One of my neighbors came over yesterday and told me about a cat that is starving down the street. I gathered up some food, she brought some water and we went looking for him. He found us, hollering his head off. He was starving. Big head, broad nose, no body and a tail. He just fell all over us, scarffed down the food, yowling inbetween bites. He head butted the both of us, we petted him, he talked to us, walked back and forth, grabbed some more food, etc. He looks healthy, but man is he thin. Questions? If I take him to Pima Animal Control, he is dead. If I take him to the Humane Society, I have to pay for them to take him and he is dead. So far, no one that I have talked to wants another cat. (Big surprise there). I have 4 insiders and 7 outsiders and the outsiders would kill him if they saw him and I can't bring him into the house. What in God's name am I going to do? I won't let him go hungry now that I know where he is. Advice, suggestions, Vodka, anything please?