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I was going to post yesterday but since I was working on one hour of sleep I was feeling a bit punchy and thought it would be better to wait until I was a wee bit more functional.....Thursday night/Friday morning Daisy had SEVEN beautiful babies and mother and children are all doing fine. I have to laugh, though, because all the "tell-tale" signs sure didn't work in our case -- her temp never dropped, she ate off and on all through labor (even snacking during one of the long breaks between babies), never "nested" (in fact she DID try to have them on my glass top coffee table that I had been worried about - so I moved her to some blankets/towels in the bedroom).....NOTHING "by the book"... (that's my girl...lol).
Anyway - I had noticed her acting a bit *off* throughout the day so I put off a trip to town and stayed home with her -by about 4 or so I was convinced this was the day. She just couldn't get comfortable and spent a lot of time rolling around and spreading he back legs apart (that was a big clue to me). She spent the next 4 hours on the coffee table rolling and stretching and TRYING to get comfy so after I got our son (who is 3) to bed I took her into the bedroom to see if I could get her settled.....I laid out the bed for her and she wanted me there with her so we just sat/laid there together she lost er plug and her contractions started not long after that. Baby #1 arrved at 12:05 am.......she was breech and as it was all so new to Daisy (her first and ONLY litter!!) there was a bit of confusion on her part as to what to do so I had to help her deliver the kitten all the way and tear the sack....once I was sure the kitten could breathe I took a step back to give Daisy a chance and sure enough instinct kicked in and she took over -- from there on out she was a perfect mommy and delivered the rest of them without any real problems. #6 was here by 2:30 (the space between kittens was 10-30 minutes) and though I could feel at least one more kitten (it was moving around) she decided she was *done* for the time being and took a LONG break.....by 4:30 I couldn't help but fall asleep (she wasn't in pain, not actively straining, etc so I had no reason to think it was *stuck* - -she was just taking a very long *break*) and when I awoke at 6 she had delivered #7 and all was well. All told we have 2 yellow/oranges, 3 calicos, a stripe/white and an almost all black (has the tiniest bit of white on it's chest and the very tip of it's tail)
Anyway - here are a couple of baby pics:

So far I think this is my favorite....

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Cute kittens, looks like a good mom as well. Please keep her inside, she will be entering a heat cycle soon and could *escape* again. Thank you for caring for such a responsibility as this large family is going to turn out to be.
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Adorable kittens! Congrats!
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Hissy -- oh, she is NOT getting out again, period...she is actually an indoor kitty and we were waiting for her to go OUT of heat so she could be fixed (our vet prefers not to do it while they are *in* due the the possible complications) when she made her escape. For the time being she is confined to a bedroom (and will remain so until the kittens are bigger and she is fixed) because of the other pets in our house and our concern for the safety of her and the little ones....we already have an appt for her to be fixed once the babies are weaned
So far I know that we have homes for at least 4 of them and since my husband has already started getting attatched to another one I would say that means I only have 2 more to home.....all go with the understanding they are to be fixed and proof of that submitted to us (they are going to people we know..makes it easier to follow up) of them being fixed and an "adoption" fee (nominal - and it will be given to the local shelter as a donation) is also being charged to encourage only the sincere adopters
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Congrats on the babies!! They're beautiful!! I'm still waiting patiently(NOT) for Frankie's kittens. I'm still not sure I understand this whole "losing the plug" thing. What should I be looking for?
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