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Matching wits, with Rowdy

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Due to Rowdy's propensity for 3:00 a.m. rampages and my need for sleep, I purchased a Rowdy-sized crate and incarcerate her, at night. Score one, for me. Naturally, she tries to thwart my attempts, to put her in the crate.

At first, she allowed me to scoop her up and put her to bed. As time went on, she began hiding at bedtime. When she saw me turn off the TV, she dived under our bed, stretching out near the edge. She quickly figured out that I could reach her and moved herself to the center. Score one, for Rowdy.

My next tactic was to shut down the TV, lock up the house and spend some time on the computer. When I went into the bathroom, Rowdy joined me, I shut door and was able to scoop her and put her to bed. One more, for me. That worked ONE time. She no longer comes into the bathroom with me. Point to Rowdy.

The next time, that I was in the bathroom, I saw her peeping around the living room doorway. Quickly, I closed the bedroom door. Another point for me. The following night, Rowdy dived under the bed, when Bill retired and did not come out, until after I was asleep. Another Rowdy point.

Last night, she was distracted, playing with the dogs. I left the TV on and didn't lock up, before strolling off to the bathroom. When I did head for bed, Rowdy went flying ahead of me only to find the bedroom door shut. She crawled under the nearest piece of furniture - my jewelry armoire. Naturally, I was able to scoop her and put her to bed. Advantage - Cindy.

So far the score is

Cindy - 4

Rowdy - 3

Nobody can convince me that the little witch is not capable of logic. She KNOWS that I am going to try to put her in that crate every night and every time that I come up with a ploy to outsmart her, she comes up with a counter the next night. Who KNOWS, what she'll come up with tonight!
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Oh boy Rowdy has your number Cindy you may have to change your routine every night to crate Rowdy.
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hahaha this is great!!! and who said cats werent intellegent???????
and Cindy - you wrote that so well !!!!

I look forward to the next round
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