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outdoor litter box

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greetings all,
i was wondering if it is possible to litter box train a kitten when the box is outside. i live in the woods so many of the usual concerns with allowing cats outdoors are not present where i live. any information would be greatly appreciated.
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I would build a good sized sand box in your yard. Cats prefer regular ole sand because it's easy to bury stuff in.
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if the cat is now an indoor/outdoor cat it is more than likely that the cat is eliminating outdoors (that is their instinct after all) But if you want to take a cat used to going indoors in the litter box outside, then you just need to start moving the indoor box closer and closer to the door the cat uses to exit the house. This takes a little bit of time, about a week, once the box is near the door, let the cat get used to that, then set it outside (I am assuming you have a cat door?) Once the cat is used to it being outside, take it away entirely, and the cat's instinct will take over and he will start eliminating outside. You really don't need to make an outdoor litter box, as the cat will just go on the property and bury it himself.
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