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aggression towards...feeding bottle?

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Hi, my Hi!Mimi is 4 week going on 5 week old. I tried in the beginning of the 4th week to teach her to eat solid food. So far she has eaten dry food one kibble at a time from my hand, and she also gobbled down 75 ml (one full bottle) of 1/8 canned food mixed with a tablespoon of KMR per day.

However, she is violent and aggressive towards baby bottle after initial feeding. Let me explain. When she sees the bottle she grabs for it. I can tell that she is really really hungry by her suckling continuously, smoothly for about 15 ml, say one to two minutes. What comes after is that she chews, kneas impulsively and bites the rubber nible of the bottle SO HARD that I can't get the bottle off her teeth, while she is really NOT suckling at all. She has developed a habit to chewing the rubbber

Imagine what a real mother cat would react if a kitty bites so hard to her nibble? I know she would be in so much pain that she would scream and kick / bite /scratch the hell of herthe kitten

The size of the hole on the feeding tube is not an issue here. Hi!Mimi can suckle very well if she wants to. I hate to say it, but I think this is what I get from raising a bottle baby, whom has nobody to teach her manners so each time she sees food while she's hungry she lauches full attack! not realizing that food is plenty and she should take her time enjoying them...

She's getting bigger, and her strength starts to hurt me I've already clipped her nails and yet they manage to leave scars on my hands. Hi!Mimi also grew to love scratiching my hands and feet, even during our usual after-meal petting/ snoozing time.

I want to know WHY she's biting the hands that feed her, and if I should just let her bite the crap out of the rubber nibble so she would be satisfied...

thank you for taking time and any advice is appreciated!!

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That is actually common for kittens to get aggressive with a bottle. Please feed her while she is on her tummy and not on her back, as that will help her aggressiveness. You want to feed her just like a momma cat would (in that type of position) best way is in a recliner with you tilted back and her on your chest
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