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Lets see your home!

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Since we're all getting to know each other so well, I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of our homes with each other. I know of several members who have been doing some remodeling & a few that have just recently moved...and of course those of us who haven't changed anything for quite some time.

Ok here's my little Apartment! I've got a TON of pictures, so sorry in advance!

Living Room

Dining Room (which I don't use at all)




Now it's your turn....
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Your home is fabulous, Shell!
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That is very nice Shell. I better pick-up before showing my apartment. I also better check the batteries in my digital camera.
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I know I've already done this just after I moved but here they are again!

Ok now lets get serious!
Living room.


I have a picture hanging above my bed now that's not in this pic.

Walk in closet. Purrfect place for a litter pan too!



The view from my patio

One corner of my patio.

I don't have a good picture of my dining room. Maybe later.... after I clean it!
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I'll post pictures after I finish unpacking. It's been one thing after another here and I still haven't finished unpacking everything

Btw you two, you have very nice apartments. I'm almost ashamed to post mine!
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Nice apartment Shell. It looks very well organized.
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HA! Organized? That's a first! Actually it's just clean at the moment, so looks are very much deceiving!

Thanks Guys! Now come on...share those pictures!
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OOPS...sorry Tammie! I must have missed your post! You're place looks so cozy & warm! Hope you're enjoying the new place!
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Originally Posted by Shell
OOPS...sorry Tammie! I must have missed your post! You're place looks so cozy & warm! Hope you're enjoying the new place!
Oh no! Don't worry. Right after I moved I posted a thread called virtual tour or something like that! It's no big deal, I don't mind posting again!

Ok I cleaned up my dining room a little bit. Here it is.

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I also just realized that I forgot about my closet! When I was on my cleaning spree, I decided to go through all of the clothes that are too big for me now. You really can't tell it, but I got rid of a ton of clothes!

Also, I forgot to add the pic of my newest picture I hung on the wall. It's hanging right above my bed & I thought it was the cutest picture ever!
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what a great thread!!!

both your apartments look awesome - its great to see some photos

ok - I am going to go look through our photos and see what I can post
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okay here are some pics of our house - we bought this almost 12 months ago after we got married - we plan on only staying here for another year or so. These pics were taken a while ago (as you tell by the christmas tree in the pictures ) and alot of things have changed - especially that horrible white chest in the eating area has now been replaced with a nice wood buffet and a large TV in the loungeroom - oh so many things have changed - but you get the idea

the kitchen

the eating area

the loungeroom

bedroom - not really a good angle

our back garden

our decking ( I built this myself )

our view from the decking/ lounge room

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I see that you all have the most important decorator items - CATS.

Tammie, you have the same dinette, that Bill and I do. Ours only has two chairs, though. When my parents come over, we break out the card table and chairs.
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You all have such comfortable looking homes.
And I just love this walk-in closet. I wish I had one.

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All lovely!
Envious of Danielles back garden (I live in an apartment)
Agree that the best decorations are the cats!
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Lovely homes, Tammie and Danielle! What a perfect patio you have, tammie, and Danielle, I agree, what a beautiful view of your garden!
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thankyou Catherine & Stephanie - we love it too - unfortunatly its on a slope so not alot we can do with it unless we landscape it - but we would only do that if we were planning on staying here for a long time because it would be quite expensive - alot of our neighbours have done this. We live in whats called "the hills" in melbourne - and this is actually quite flat compared to what other properties have.

but the boys love it lots of space for them to run around
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Yikes...I would be too embarrassed with the way my home is right now...maybe later
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