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Sensitive Tummy

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My Toonces, has what the vet has described as a sensitive stomache. I can't feed her milk, she throws up. I can't feed her tuna, she throws up. And sometimes after eating (she only eats dry) she throws up. Now these are not hairballs, I have seen her and the others hairballs. So, I have experimented with different foods, the sensitive stomach, lamb & rice, hairball control, and several others. The only thing I have found that helps is the size of the pieces. The smaller the pieces the easier it is on her tummy. Purina One has a formula where the pieces are just a bit bigger than a rice kernel. She does really well with that, I find throw up much less now. I was wondering if anyone knows of a food that has even smaller pieces? I know Hill's Science Diet has vey small pieces but there is something about their formulas that makes her through up that food and I don't want to feed her can.
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My Piper has the same problem - she is a Somali.
She does well with Science Diet. But I have found that when she east real fast and dosen't chew she'll throws up since her tummy can't handle the whole pieces. What I found makes a difference is the shape of the bowl, believe it or not. The round bowls are condusive to her showeling it in and not chewing. I bought a rectangular bowl where she somehow has a different angle and showeling it in is not easy she actually needs to pick up the pieces and chew the dry food.

Hope this helps - oh lots of pet grass - should help a lot with hairballs - Piper loves hers!
Good luck and lots of XOXOXOOXOX to your furbaby.
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how is it going with your little one? By the way over the weekend I stopped at a girl friends who feed EUKANUBA - the pellets are even tinier than Science Diet. But I think that this also eliminated the benefit in regards to cleaning teeth.
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Well Hell603,

Toonces seems to do best with the Purina One. Her and the others really don't crunch their food but the others don't have the throw up problem that she does. I have tried them on Iams, Eukanuba, Hills Science Diet, Nutro, ProPlan, Purina One, and Purina Cat Chow. Purina one seems to be the winner so far and I think it's because of how small and thin the pieces are in combination with the formula. She did horribly on Science Diet, ProPlan, and Nutro and so-so on Iams, Eukanuba, and Purina Cat Chow. What's funny is that she did fine up until she was about 4 years old and it has gotten worse with each year (she is 8 now). Last visit the vet said I might try feeding her can but she (along with the others) doesn't like can. I guess I should just keep with Purina One but I was just hopping their might be some other brands that have really small pieces that I haven't tried yet. Thanks for your help!
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I am a new cat owner, and I don't know if others here with more wisdom would agree with this, but has the Vet taken any X-Rays or Sonagrams of your kitty's digestive tract? If Toonces did not have this problem before the age of 4, perhaps she has developed an obstruction or something else in her esophagus or stomach that will not let her keep food down.

I wish you luck...poor kitty
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