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Problems with new kitty

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Yay, we got our new kitty today!

...But, he's been in my house for about four hours and he hasn't yet used the litter box. I put him in the laundry room, which is pretty big, and his food and water are all the way across the room from the box.

I'm a little worried about this because he's been making a weird sound the whole time we've had him, kind of like purring but it could be something wrong with his tummy (I wouldn't know, it's my first kitty.) Would the kitty purr the whole time anyways?

Other than this, he seems okay. He was pretty playful, after he chased the toy I got for him he started to chase me when I walked. Although I was afraid I'd step on him.
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Has he been eating and drinking ok? How old is he? Are you sure he has not used the bathroom somwhere else?
If he has only been home for a few hours, he might be to excited/scared to eat or drink or even use the potty in a strange place. I know that when we moved, Red, did not come out from under the bed for a long time. During the whole thing he did not eat, drink or use the litter box.
If this continues I would atleast call your vet. Give him some time to adjust tough. Here is a website that can answer alot of your questions about kittens -->http://www.kitten-rescue.com/
Check it out when you get the chance.

Hope this helps.
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He's eleven weeks old according to your other posts? He may just be a bit young to figure out the program yet. Plus he is missing his mom and his littermates, and so he might also be a bit stressed.

I would add a bit of canned pumpkin to his next canned food meal, about 1/2 tsp. and if you are giving him KMR (not cow's milk) water that down as well. But 4 hours and not using the litter pan is pretty normal for a new kitten.
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He has been eating and drinking, he's 11-12 wks. old, and I'm pretty sure he didn't go anywhere else (not 100% though). Thanks for the advice. I'll wait a bit and then check on him again.
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He is sleeping now. So cute! But still no sign of him using the box.
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I had the same experience when I brought home my kitten. It took my kitten, who was 6 mo. old when I brought her home, a couple days to really get used to my apartment and it's not very big. I actually believe that she didn't use the litter box the entire first night I brought her home from what I could tell. But by the Sunday of that weekend (brought her home on a Friday night), she was eating, drinking and using the litter box.
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