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Re: Cat Nasty

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My cat is 8 months old, hand reared. Have the run off the house But she hates new people in house will attack them. She also sit mother in law and get up hits her. Dont know why she does it , have anyone got an ideas
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Is she spayed? That would be my first question- other than that more information would definitely be helpful to figure out why your cat is so aggressive?
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she is spayed, just a can`t counted for her behavior.
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Does your Mother-in-law wear heavy perfume or does she have cats and her chothing have their scent?
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I am sorry but I am not following your post very well? Does your cat spit and hiss at your mother in law only? Or other people? Does your MIL hit your cat, or is it your cat that spits and swats at her? Could you be a bit more detailed about the incidents in general so someone like Jackson or Renae can have more information about what is going on?

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Watch what is happening before she does it.
It may be that your mother in law is making a confrontational stare as in eye to eye at the cat which the cat is not going to accept as it sounds as if she believes she is dominant. She may even without realising it be showing the cat a lot of teeth. LOL
Many things can cause this, human body language being misinterpreted, a perfume or deoderant, noise, being touched where it is sensitive and more.
Learn to read the cats body language and if you see it is becomeing upset either remiove the offender or the cat to another room.
She ought to be spayed as well as this may well help and there is a product called Feliway that can be purchased at many vets which works as a room diffuser. This product actually mimics the pheromones from the cats jowls and causes a calming effect on the cat as well.
Hoping you get to the bottom of it as the cat is being upset too.
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She hiss and spits and shows her teeth and claws. If new people come in house she stands her ground and gets her claws out and hits. I dont why she so wicked, she so spoil never anyone been bad to her.The mother in law was sitting on her chair wasnt even near the cat and it jump on her and hit her in face and ran away.Cat will sleep on chair and odd time will hiss at her across the room. My mother in law wont go near here as she afraid off her. Also when my mother in law go`s up the stairs attack hers.But hiss and show teeth if u pick her. I dont know what to do about it????
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