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Welcome New Kitty Q's !

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ok, so i went to see the kitten who will be coming home with us in about eight weeks.

there were only three in the litter and the other two have been promised to other people who made an application to adopt (i had asked the forum if two cats were better than one)

my brother chose the last born kitten for us, he says he is the most boisterous and outgoing, an important quality we thought as he will be sharing a home with a two year old little boy... i had a quick look and from my hazy memory i think that he is a boy kitten.

so, a few questions... how old to have him neutered? what jabs are necessary? how old is he before he can be allowed outside?

i have kept cats before but not a little kitten who has just left its mum.

also, are there any UK residents who know about the PDSA and to what extent they will help with vet treatment?


p.s, what does everyone think of the name Spike. is it too much of a doggy name?
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You need to get him fixed between 5-6 months old. He should have his first round of shots soon, and the vet will tell you how often to update. I prefer to keep my cats indoors because it is more dangerous for them outside- cars, mean people, other animals. Also, the small bird population is dwindling because of outdoor cats (at least it is in the US) killing them off. So it is best, IMHO to keep them safe and indoors. I live in the US and am not knowledgable about the PDSA thing. Hope I helped!!
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