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Musicians!! What do you play?

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Just out of interest, do any of you guys play instruments? What do you play? I used to play the flute when I was about 7, then I learnt the violin which I LOVED, I got really good at it but just stopped playing for some unknown reason, I think it was exams etc I had at the time, I really wish Id kept playing though, I still have a violin and get it out occasionally - but I just end up getting mad cos I can't play it like I used to! My whole family is quite musical I guess, my Dad is in a band and can play the guitar and piano, (and keyboard..) one of my sisters learned the flute really well, and the other one learned the Clarinet and piano, my Mum sings although she doesn't play an instrument.... What about you guys..? I'd love to learn the Saxaphone one day....groovy....

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Hi Bodlover,

Its great that you can play the violin,I imagine it must be difficult to play.I can play the recorder,I know its not very exciting lol,but I can play many tunes on it.

Its funny,but most of the tunes I can play are from many years ago,I learnt how to play it from my music teacher,I remember he was able to play any tune you asked for, even without a music sheet,he was never out of tune,I play by ear, I could never read music sheets

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I do not play any instruments, but I have the greatest admiration for anyone who does! It takes great patience and concentration to be a musition....not to mention the inborn talent.
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I play what I call "church guitar"

I don't really play guitar well enough for anyone but religious people to hear. They'll forgive me for any mistakes I make.

When I was at school I could play a number of instruments. Mostly brass. I used to play piano, although not very well. I can read music and I can learn a piece if I want to, but my sight reading is shocking (well, actually almost non-existant). But I have a keyboard for those times I want to have a play.

My family is very musical, and for most of us our favourite instrument is our voices. We love to sing harmonies. My brother was a bonafide child prodigy. He started to teach himself how to play guitar and piano, as well as how to read music, the same way that some children have taught themselves to read words.

None of us were jealous of his talent though, because he always shared it (and still does) with all of us.
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I play the guitar and played the violin when I was in 6th grade. I've always wanted to learn to play the piano but never got the chance, I'm sorry to say.

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I studied classical piano when younger for a number of years.
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Sadly, I don't play any instrument, but I do sing...I come from a very musical family, and have always sang, I sing for weddings, and gatherings, and in the shower...:laughing:
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I play a great radio :LOL: :LOL: I used to be an accomplished Air Guitarist,but I broke a string and can't find anyplace that carries Air Guitar strings.

Seriously tho..I do envy all you musicians. You have such a gift from God. I have to get by on looks and personality!!
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Deb, singing is an instrument...and it's a fine intrument at that!

My Mom's side of my family are ALL musicians I started singing at the age of ??????? and finally started playing guitar when I was 12 years old; my brother found a flute and he gave it to me when I was 15, from then on I taught myself how to play that I played in bands up till I was about 24. I still jam with my friends around here. Every Wednesday's practice

I still write, sing, play guitar, flute and harmonica and love to harmonize with anyone. Singing is a beautiful thing. Right now, I'm learning how to play flemenco guitar...I love that style and love using my finger picking...I've never played using a pick...I never got the hang of it. I thought I was really so uncool too! :laughing2

Love & Peace
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I learned how to play mandolin & piccolo when I was in primary school& I can still play them. Actually I brought my piccolo from Turkey & still love playing it although many people (and my cats) hates it .

I can play a little bit of piano; but I haven't taken any courses or anything; just by ear & with only 1 hand

I can play something with these 3 instruments without looking at the notes.

I also like singing a lot. I was in different choires always up until the end of my college years.

Being able to play classical piano, guitar & violin are very cool I think
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I played the flute in high school, and sang in the school chorus and sang in 2 college choirs. I still love to sing, but haven't picked up the flute for a long time. Music has always been very important to me, my family is not musical, though.

My fiance plays classical guitar, and writes music for it as a hobby. He taught himself, but eventually took some formal lessons. I love relaxing in the evenings while he plays.
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