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I too can't introduce a new cat the "typical" way

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Hi! My husband and I are soon to get a new kitten as a companion to our 1-year-old neutered male. I've been reading articles, but the methods seem impossible to do in my situation. I live in a one bedroom apartment (not a very large area) and don't know how to go about keeping the two cats apart. We can designate our one bedroom to one of the cats, but being kept outside while we sleep makes my older cat miserable (and if we kept him inside the bedroom constantly, he'd be even more miserable). The bathroom is too small of a place to keep either cat in, I think. While my older cat is moderately territorial, he is extremely friendly and in desperate need of a friend (he'll run up to our neighbor's huge German Shephard, and rub against him so much, the dog runs away!). Do you think that makes him more receptive to a new cat? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
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I would look into using a playpen then. You can cover it with screening- and keep the new kitty safe while the others can smell and see him.
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I understand exactly what you are talking about. I live in a small mobile home and just recently adopted a new playmate. I deceided to adpot a one year old who was usued to being around other cats. Before I brought her home I brushed my cat and let her sniff the brush. Aslo I did not wash the scent off my hands. So I pet her and brushed her, came home and did the same to my resident cat. I am not sure if this helped or not, but when I did bring her home I left her in the carrier on the couch for a few minutes so they could smell each other, touch nose etc. No problems still. I opened the door, still no problems. I then put the carrier on the floor and she came out. I thought I had it made! My resident cat who is the playful but somewhat territorial cat like yours started growling at her. It was shortlived though (5secs).
The new cat hid for the first couple of days, I let her be as she need time to adjust to yet another new surroundings. This poor girl has had a rough start in life as all previous owners have abdonded her.
Its been a week now and all is going well in my eyes. Although the two are not cleaning each other or have a nascar race in the morning I can see that this day will come. One rare occassions you hear a hiss and then the paw batting out but that is the extent. Other than that they are always in close proxcimity sleeping or playing alone with a toy.
I wish you all the best and the only suggestion I can say is
Introduce as slowly as possible, but don't hold back if you have no issues when you bring home your new playmate.

PS This worked for me and is just my story. Every cat is different and I wish you all the best introducing a new playmate into your house.
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