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Had a blackout yesterday

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Yesterday the electricty went out... during the entire evening... We spent most of the day living in the 16 century.

In PR stuff like this happens like once a month or so... every now and then, either a transformer blows up or something like that and we end up for a day in the stone age.

Its just pure torture! I hate it! No PC, no TV, No microwave, no stove, most of the radios don't work (that means I can't hear WPAB!!!)... and most of the house is too dark to read... snuff said, I had to go out to the mall (outside of the neighborhood where the lights went out) a while and shop some things just to keep my sanity in check.

Anyone else has these problems?
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I hate it when that happens too...glad to see you on though

How are things otherwise for you?
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We got hit by a tornado Wednesday. Luckily the house isn't too damaged but thousands of people had the electricity out. We had none for 24 hours and others waited even longer. It's amazing how much runs on electricity. We didn't get bored though, we had plenty of work to do cleaning up.

That being said I was very grateful for even having a house to sleep in, and water to wash with!

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Hey, if you have a blackout, you at least have to concentrate on interaction with other humans, your pets, etc., not your PC, TV, dishwasher, drier, etc.. My answer is to light a candle and read a book.
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