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my cat

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I have one cat named hampton. He is a siamese mix and he has been through a lot- a near-fatal illness, getting lost, e.t.c. He's a real trooper. Anyone else with siamese?
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In March we lost our Siamese/Himalayan cross to feline leukemia. He was so beautiful and we missed him so much. Recently we got a new fur baby named Bijou (jewel) and he is a Lilac-Point Siamese. I have some wonderful new pictures of him that my husband took with our new digital camera but have no idea how to post them here.

He is our joy and (of course) the brightest, most handsome of boys! Seriously though, we love animals and cats in particular and I look at all the wonderful pictures of your animals on this site and realize how lucky we are to be owned by these lovely creatures.

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Aw your baby has been through alot. *hugs* There are alot of Siamese owners on this site, HoperHacker, Sherral46 and Purrfectcatlove, owns some variants of the siamese breed.
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