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MyRage will be getting fixed, but we are unable to at the moment, getting our bills caught up, and still getting the 'first two months rent' paid.

MyRage definately had no kittens. I had to unpack a room for my niece, and that was where she was spending some time, but we found nothing in there. The cats are all seeming to be more settled, but Rage. She isn't following me like she was, but she gets in these moods. She just wants to lick and lick and lick any part of bare skin of mine that she can find. She even got a little attitude about it yesterday, she was grabbing my hand (at first with her paws, then her claws) and pulling it to her so she could lick it. She also freaks out when I look through boxes looking for stuff.(Maybe she thinks we are moving again? pooooooor girl.)

Right now she is throwing a little fit cuz she wants to groom me again. She just meowed at me relentlessly until i sat down. Then she sat down and started grooming herself. She wants something from me. I cleaned their boxes, filled their food, rinsed out their water dishes, and even gave them a couple treats. She still wants something.

Sometimes she gets along with Mystyc, I saw them sitting on the same window sil the other day. (from outside) I also walked in on them eating from food dishes near eachother. I left them alone, and picked up a few things, and started organising. Then suddenly I almost had a full blown cat fight. I jumped between them, pointed different directions. Told Rage to "GO!" They both went their seperate ways. Most of the time, I can get them to break it up that way. But once in a while, I have to pick up Rage. I tried picking up Mystyc and carry her to a quieter room, and Rage trailed after, jumping at mystyc's butt, clawing, hissing, growling, etc. So now I just pick up rage, and put her in her room. Is that wrong? I finally found the box of spices, hoping our vanilla extract is in that one. I think I almost unpacked the entire kitchen looking for the silly vanilla.

thankyou guys. MyRage is getting closer to herself. She seems more heatish now than anything. Myth is coming out and visiting me when I am alone. Mystyc is loving up any man who sits down any where near her. She has always liked men more than women.