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How big are your cats

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Lets compare cat size. My Matu is a trim 8 pounds at 15 yrs old. But Chew at 8 years weighs in at 21 pounds. He really doesn't eat much, but he doesn't do much either. I did see him walk after a lizard the other day. He had to rest up the remainder of the day after that strenuous activity. When I call him in from the front yard he has to stop and rest on the way.
So how about your furbabies?
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My cats are all small framed, here are their weights:

Buttons 12.5 lbs very fat feels like a solid block of lard
Toonces 11.0 lbs has a bit of what I call "saggyfur"
Patches 9.5 lbs has a teeny bit of saggyfur but you really have to look.
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21 pounds. I can't even imagine it!!!

Lily is 12lbs.n She used to be skinny and scrawny but one day I came home and she was a big healthy cat! Absolutely gorgeous
Molly is 3.5 pounds. She's just a baby
but hoping to see her grow into a beautiful Bengal!!
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I am not sure how much Cinnamon weighs, but I am guessing between 12-15 lbs. She is a long-haired mixed breed, with a little of maine coon, I think. She is a very heavy girl!

When I took Gizmo in to get neutured back in July he weighed around 7.5 lbs, but that was when he was 6 months old..... he is 8 months now, and has to weigh over 10. He is solid muscle.

Scooter weighed around 3 lbs when I took him in when he was around 9 - 10 weeks. I am guessing he is around 5, I could be wrong. He, too, like his brother, is filling out nicely!

Tigger weighed 10.5 lbs back in May.....

And, Fluffy weighed around 10 lbs last month!
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Twig:15 1/2 pounds
Rocket: 10 pounds
Isis: 10 1/2 pounds
Luna: around 8 pounds
My little porkers! and I love each inch of them!!!!!:laughing: :LOL: :laughing2
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Sunshine is about 11 lbs. and the kittens are about 1 lb a piece right now. Tiny, but soooooo adorable!!:tounge2:
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I have 4 furbabies of all different sizes. My oldest, Fred is about 10 lbs. Leo is my biggest weighs in at around 20 lbs. My only female, Pearl, is a dainty little 6lbs, and the baby, George is growing every day. Pearl doesn't like to be interrupted when she is eating, and will back any of the boys right off the feeders. It is so funny to watch her send Leo off and running with a swing of her tiny paw! :kitty5:
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Both my kids are just right:

Loki: is at 18 months a lean, mean 12.5 lbs
Piper: a swelt 9.5 lbs
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