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Me and My Companions

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Hey everybody. I've been told to introduce myself, so here I am! My name is Patti and I am 17. I have 2 cats, one male and one female. Cimba (the male) is big, orange and fluffy - weighing at about 16 lbs. Cinder (the female) is small, gray and white, and when she was a kitten, before we got her, she was in a barn fire. I also have a dog, Cocoa. She is an australian shephard/lab cross, who saved my life once. Despite her breed she isn't very big, about knee hieght, because she was the "runt" of the litter. My 2 gerbils are female, named Indra and Dori. Indra is startled easily, when I walk by the tank she runs and hides and sits there for a second until she realizes its just me. 3 days after I brought Dori home she had two babies. That was an interesting experience.

So thats me and my companions. Hope to see everybody around. L8Rz!
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Hi Patti, to TCS. You have got a nice family there. Look forward to seeing you around the forum.
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Welcome to TCS Patti! Can't wait to see pics of Cimba and Cinder!! If you need any help here navigating the boards, please let me know! Have fun!
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Welcome to the site Patti! Sounds like you have a great little fur-family!
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Welcome to TCS.

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Welcome Patti Great to hear you have so many animals to keep you company!

Lisa & Sash
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Welcome to TCS, Patti, to you and your family!
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Thank you for the warm welcome everybody! I love it here already Hopefully I can build a website for my pets soon. I will be posting pictures in a little while, probably in a couple of days or so. Oh, another little tid-bit about me.. for a career I would like to have an animal kennel and take care of both cats and dogs, and the occassional rare case like a bunny or anything else (providing certain guidelines are set). It will be like a kennel for all animals for when their people go away. Oh yeah, does anybody know what is needed to open one of those?? what kind of licence if any? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks for reading! L8Rz.

Patti J and Family
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Welcome to TCS to you and your family.
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