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Mad, have you ever seen your furbabies this way?

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I want to share a little thing that happened the other night with you guys, and see if it's happened to any of you. Well, as you can see below, our three babies are cutie pies! Well, we got the two girls first, Trixie, then Petals. Tiggy, our boy, came a year later. By this time, the girls had bonded. Trixie had always treated Petals like her kitten, taking care of her, playing,etc. They took a long time to accept Tiggy. They excluded him alot. That thankfully is getting better. Well, I found out the other day how much Trixie loves Tiggy.
I had taken Tiggy out on his harness the other day while we were working in the yard. After a bit, I had to go in, so Tiggy had to also. Jerry comes running in and reminded me that he had just fertilized the lawn, and Tiggy had been rolling in the grass! (Both of us were stupid not realizing that earlier) Well, I immediately grabbed Tiggy and was going to give him a bath. I think the hurriedness of it all scared him more than the water. When I went to bath him, he let out such a howl and fought me every step of the way. I finally had to let him down he was fussing so. (I needed jerry to help me hold him, but he was outside) Well, I no sooner put Tiggy down after all his crying then Trixie came flyin kitche, charging me, growling, all hair on end, showing her teeth, hissing, madder than a wet hen. She scared me. I never saw her like that! I backed up and was trying to sooth her, but she kept charging me, still very mad. FINALLY, she calmed down. The only thing we can think is that she thought I hurt Tigger and she was defending him. She's a very sweet cat normally! She never touched me though. It was almost like she was fighting inside with herself. She wanted to defend Tiggy, but knew she couldn't hurt me. Needless to say, if I ever bath Tiggy again, I will have Trixie shut up in the bedroom or something. Oh, by the way, after my heart started beating again, Jerry came in, we got Tiggy, and together, gave him a good bath. He was calmer that time. And here all this time we didn't think the girls liked our little boy! She was defending him with everything she had!!!!!
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Awwwww thats soooo sweet

When i took Sophie for her second jab, i put Rosie up in the spare bedroom because i would be setting the house alarm.

She could obviously hear us downstairs because i could hear her meowing which she never used to before i got Sophie, and when we got back from the vets, she came running down to the carrier making 'trill' noises at her

It was then i really noticed that she liked her
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oh Susie - thats adorable - I am so pleased for you (even though it would of given you a fright to start with)

I have mentioned both of these before - but in a similar situation Tipsy took a nip out of me when I was trying to trim Cedars nails and Cedar was meowing...
and just last week I accidentally closed the door on Cedar's tail and he screamed - Tipsy came bolting up - hair standing straight up and just stood between me and Cedar - as if to do the same protecting thing as Trixie did...

melts your heart doesnt it
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Doesn't it warm your heart when they show their love for each other. My daughter rescued a beautiful ginger male cat. We were taking him to the vet to check if he was he/she neutered/spayed and for a general check up. When he was homeless he had made friends with a little black cat and when the he saw us with Vicky's cat in a cat box he went beserk clawing at the cage and trying to get him out. He was still at the gate when we came back.
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Well Cilla and Huggles after my heart started beating again, yes, it did warm it! LOL
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Aaawww! What great kitties! She was just protecting Tiggy from the big bad bath monster!

If I have to take Simon to the vet, Max cries at the door until we get home. It was really sad, because in December Simon got really sick and had to stay at the vet for four days. Poor Max was just beside himself looking for his friend!
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Yup, Tink has attacked me twice when I accidentally stepped on Jazmine's tail in the dark. It's not nice for me, but I'm glad she protects them (she's the Alpha of the house).
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Willow used to be afraid of Jake, my dog (55 pound Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix), but then Buffy came, and Willow became her new momma (Buffy was orphaned at 4 weeks). It was so life-changing the first time Willow whupped Jake's arse, because she thought he was threatening Buffy.

All 3 of them, plus me and my sister, were in one room. Buffy was on top of the dresser, Willow was under the bed, and Jake was ON the bed. My sister then scooped up Buffy to take her to my room, which was next door. Buffy started crying, thinking we were going to feed her to Jake. I kept a hold on Jake's collar to keep him from going after Buffy and my sister. As soon as my sister and Buffy turned the corner to head into my room, Jake pulled me off the bed, and we walked (actually, I walked and Jake scrabbled all over the place on the slippery floor). We got to the corner and turned, and looked at my sister putting Buffy on the bed. Suddenly I felt this weird heat in my ankles, and a shriek pierced the air. I looked behind me, and there was Willow, growling like a demon in the doorway of the room we'd previously been in. Jake completely ignored her, still staring at Buffy, and Willow attacked again, killing my ankles and Jake's ankles. She then used the side of Jake's body as a scratching post, using him to pull herself to the other end of the hallway. THEN Jake noticed her, and he stared, completely shocked, as Willow started wailing and growling like she was possessed. Then my sister came to the doorway to see what was going on. Then Willow started running toward Jake, and Jake did a squat in the floor, like he was getting ready to charge. And both me and my sister started shrieking and yelling when Willow attached herself to Jake's face like velcro. Jake was throwing his head all over the place, and Willow was snarling and kicking with her back feet. Never before had we said, "Get off of him!" (we'd always been used to "Get off of her!" to Jake when he's running after Willow). Finally, Willow released Jake (I think my sister shoved her off), and Willow hovered at the end of the hallway again. My sister chased her down the stairs, and I saw that Jake's face was bloody. Ugh... I took him to the kitchen, and there was Willow again, at the doorway that goes downstairs. Fortunately, the door was closed, but this door has glass panes, so Jake could see her. So he shoots right over to her, starts scrabbling at the door, snarling and spitting at the same time, pretty much going into a panicked frenzy. Willow, on the other side of the door, just puffed out her chest, arched her back, and shrieked her insults back at Jake. It was like a brother and sister screaming at each other...

I cleaned Jake's face, and luckily the bleeding stopped right away. UNfortunately, Willow's ego blew up 4 times it's size, and afterwards when she saw Jake, she would step in front of Buffy and puff up at him, threatening to jump on him again. Jake, who didn't forget the initial attack, would threaten her back, and we'd have to take him away before Willow completely blew up.

And then Buffy caught on, and once when I was trying to teach Jake to leave the cats alone (we were in the living room, me on one couch with Jake in front of me, my sister on the other couch with Buffy), I was teasing Jake with a treat. So he jumped up, placed his forelegs on the cushions, and started pawing for the treat. He clamped one paw on my arm, which was stretching out towards the back of the couch, and started drawing the hand towards him. Since he's got longer nails, it kinda hurt, yet tickled at the same time, so I was shrieking and laughing as the treat got closer and closer to Jake's mouth. All of a sudden my sister calls out, and I see Buffy is half off the other couch, and my sister's hand is wrapped around Buffy's middle, not letting Buffy leave. Turns out she figured Jake was hurting me or something, so she wanted to "save my life." Good thing she didn't get to, because no way this 6 pound kitten (at the time) would have proved victorious over a 55 pound monster. But it's still nice to think she thought she could win... lol
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Oh, these are wonderful stories! I'm not surprised Trixie sees herself in a guardian role. She's the oldest sister so she sees it as her job to protect her siblings. I know my older sister feels that way about my brother and me.
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Pepper adopted Scooter as her kitten when I first brought him home, and she is still being mommy. If I pick him up, she is usually right there to supervise, and if he is naughty, (and they aren't in it together) she smacks his little head. Scooter and Pearl play chase sometimes. and Pepper gets so nervous, she will cry after awhile, and Scooter will come to her so she can see he is ok. Sometimes she allows him to go back to his play, sometimes she will make him lay down for a bath and a nap. I was cleaning his ears once, and she kept smacking the q-tip out of my hand and growling at me. He started crying and she jumped up, put herself in between us, and wrapped her paws around my arm so Scooter could get away. She hissed and growled, but never used teeth or claws. It was still kind of scary to have a cat protecting her baby jump in my lap hissing and growling.
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I think mine must regard themselves more as room-mates than siblings. Their only display of affection is an occasional cuddle.
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Well I've never cuddled with any of MY roommates so maybe it's a bit more than that?
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Aww how sweet of trixie to defend tiggy. Gordo is the same way with Princess. When her brother (pitufo) or any other cat is trying to hit her, Gordo always runs after the cat and beat him up. After he's done he comes back and lays next to Princess bathing her. Ever since she was little he played with her and took care of her. He even use to lay on top of her when they were playing. ( She was just a month old and Gordo was 16 pounds)
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