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How many days can they be left?

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In a couple of months i may be going to London from the friday morning and returning sunday lunchtime.

I would obviously fill their food and water bowls to the top and even put in an extra bowl of water and a 3rd litter tray, so will Rosie and Sophie be ok to be left on their own for 2 1/2 days?
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do you not have a neighbour or good friend that lives close that could come in at least once to check their food?
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I do. I was going to say there that they are timid with strangers for the first 20-30 min, but i've just thought if i brought them into the house a couple of days before so they know them properly?.

It's just i like to know that i've set my alarm ok, and that the doors are locked properly, that way i know the kitts are safe, but my neighbour does have a key should anything happen while i'm at work.

I'm a worry wort
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
I'm a worry wort
ME TOO so dont worry - and its not a worry wort - its concerned lol !!! - but thats why we are here to help you with these worries

I think you would feel alot calmer knowing that someone was there to pop in and check on them - even if they are timid - even if they run away and hide until your neighbour leaves at least you know they have fresh water and food
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Susan I think it may be better if someone comes in to your furbabes, just to check everything is OK with them. If not you are going to spoil your holiday in London by worrying about them every minute, not that you won't be anyway.
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I would certainly be a nervous wreck the entire trip! I agree that it would be a good idea to ask your neighbor to check in on them occassionally . That way you'll know they are OK. Maybe you could even call your neighbor to make sure all is well or at least be sure they know a contact number to reach you at all times. Also you may want to tell your neighbor any "tricks" they may have for sneaking out the door and be sure they know not to let them out! If they're not used to kitties maybe remind them not to close anybody in a cabinet or anything after getting food out! Just my first thoughts.
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Of course you could always take a trip to Manchester and leave them here with me, I don't work Fridays.
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Now theres a thought Ann, shopping at THE TRAFFORD CENTRE

I've just looked at the weekend breaks in London and theres a one night stay with a show, so that's even better! . And i know the others would be ok on that because they know how i feel about the kitts
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Ok Susan, but any time you want to do that it is OK.
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Thanks Cilla i will, your only a couple of hours away from me
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hey susan - I just heard on the news about a new mobile phone being tested in Japan - when your away from home you can use it to close your curtains - turn on the heating amoung many other things - but guess what - you can even use it to feed your cats when your not at home

HAHAHAHA you obviously send a message to this food feeding device and it spits out the food

what will they come up with next
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I thought i'd never see cameras on the mobiles, now that!.

It would be good though
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What a great idea, Danielle!
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I have left mine for the weekend several times (with lots of food and water, of course), and they were just fine. If you're uncomfortable with it, though, I'd definitely have someone pop in!
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I agree that you would never relax! But it sounds like you have it sorted. If I am away over 24 hours I get someone to feed them and check, and I have never been able to resist phoning. If I am away over three days I get someone to live in the house.
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I think it sounds like they'll be fine, but I'm no expert. The most I've left Baylee is 24 hours or so... she was fine with just her regular box and her food and water filled up. I also left an extra bowl of water in a different place, just in case she tipped over her regular one.

Also - I shut off any rooms I didn't want her in, and the rooms she was allowed to go in, I shoved an end table against the door so she wouldn't accidentally close it and get locked in there.

I didn't have the luxury of having someone look in on her, but if you could, I'm sure you'd feel tons better - even if it's just to sneak a quick peek.
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It looks like you have it sorted, Susan! I am sure they will be fine with the neighbour once they have become accustomed to them!

I can understand your concern though, I think I would feel the same way!
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Last time I went on holiday (in 2001 - how sad is that?) my neighbour looked after the cats. Daisy is Very Nervous, and had to be fed upstairs by the neighbour as she wouldn't come down for a 'stranger'. But even she had overcome her fears by the fourth day. So if I were you I'd get the neighbour in to check them, just for your own peace of mind - your nervous cat will not hate it too much.
I hope you enjoy yourself in London.

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I think you should have a neighbor look after them, I know I would feel much better if I knew someone was looking in on my kitties.


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I agree - you should have someone to check in at least once a day just to make sure that the cats are alright. Even if they don't see them, your pet sitter will know if the food is being eaten and the litter box being used. They can also turn on/turn off lights and things for you to make it look like someone is in fact home.

I always have someone in twice a day to feed and look after my animals if I am away. Their regular routine is to be fed morning and evening, and I figure if I can keep things as close to normal as possible, my absence will be less stressful on them. I keep the radio on tuned either to a classical station or a talk radio station, and I also leave a written consent for veterinary care if something happens and someone needs to go to the vet.

It is a very reassuring thing to be able to call your cat sitter and receive the information that 'oh yes, everyone is fine!' while you are away from home.

Enjoy your weekend!

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I have the same issue....I'm going to my parents on christmas eve and coming back boxing day morning. I'm just gonna leave lots of food and water and clean litter boxes. Unfortunately, everyone I know in town is going home for the holidays also (university town) and I'm not really comfortable asking some random neighbour that I don't know. So, they'll be on their own, but I'm sure they'll be fine.
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My thing is two days is ok, more than that I get someone to check.
However, if it's easy for someone to drop by, I prefer it even for two days.
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