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Older cat grooming new kittens!

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We have recently adopted 2 new male kittens. Our 12 year old neutered male Maine Coon has taken to grooming them with arms entwined. It's all very sweet to watch. I am guessing this is some type of "mothering" - but was just curious. Any thoughts?
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I just got two British Shorthair kittens recently, male & female, and one of my cats, who is part Maine Coon and also male, grooms them. My other 2 female tabbies don't go near them. My Maine Coon mix is extremely good natured and docile and he is such a gem. I can't say enough good things about this cat. While my 2 female tabbies are another story. One of them is good natured, but really only with me- which makes her really needy and she is chatty all the time. My other female tabby, well, I call her my *problem child* because she's so temperamental and moody. Both my female tabbies have *issues* from past experiences they had I think, so I guess they are both problem children! So, for whatever reason, they have no interest in the new arrivals.

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WELCOME SPAQUEEN!!!!! So nice to meet you!! You should go into the Lounge and post an introduction - you'll get a huge welcome!!
Anyhoooo - that is sooo cute about your babies, I'm not too sure why they do it either, I have five kitties and they all seem to do it to each other!! I think its just a sign of affection as when we first introduced a pair that didn't get on, they didn't do it....but now they are inseparable and are always grooming each other like this! cute!! Im sure some more experienced members will be able to give you a better answer!!

Hope to see you posting often!
Heres a small welcome party for you too: :blubturq: :baloon:
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I have a 13 year old neutered male cat that loves kittens. When I get a new cat, I just put it where he can find it and he will bathe it and feed it from his bowl. He has helped care for bottle babies by bathing them. When I had a female that had kittens, he laid in the basket with her while she gave birth and washed her face. It was the sweetest thing. He has even brought kittens home out of neighbor's litters.
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