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Newbie from Florida!!

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Hi guys, my name is Erin! I'm 18 yrs old and will be heading off to college this fall. I have two cats at the moment, but this number seems to always be changing.

One cat, Faith, is a weird, greyish-brownish-tabbyish female DSH who I believe may actually be a feline/bovine hybrid. She's active, but after she was spayed she started packin' on the pounds (she eats all the cat food, then beats up the dog and takes away her food).

Faith can be so mean, that sometimes our dog, Pepper, will just sit at the entrance to the kitchen and whine and stare at the food bowl until someone grabs the heiffercat and drags her away from the dog's food. Faith was a kitten at the same time that Pepper was a puppy, and Pepper loved to carry Faith around the yard in her mouth or chase Faith into the pond. I guess Faith is just getting even.

Our other cat, Frankie, is a black and white DSH female. We found her one day at the feed store in the "Free To Good Home" cage. She was the last one left from her litter and had been thrown in with a much younger litter. We were afraid she might not find a home elsewhere, as she was already 3-4 months old and looked rather big and gangly amongst the cute babies (who looked barely old enough to be away from their mamma), so we took her home.

Unfortunately, the cats are not "my cats", they're the family's cats, and there's very little space in our tight budget for vet bills. So, despite my pestering, my mom put off Frankie's vaccinations AND her spaying, wanting to get it all done at the "Spay Shuttle", a local low-cost mobile spay/neuter/vaccination clinic. We picked a date when the Spay Shuttle would be near our house, but before that happened, Frankie went into heat, snuck out, and made friends with a tomcat of questionable character. We didn't want to spay her if she was pregnant, so we waited and, of course, she was.

So now I'm waiting, she's due in less than a week (I think ). She will definitely be spayed and vaccinated as soon as the kittens are weaned. I actually found this forum while looking for info on cat pregnancy. It looks like a pretty neat site, I can't wait to start postin'!!
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Welcome to TCS! Good luck with your preggers kitty!
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Nice to see you and your furfamily here! Hope you enjoy your stay with us !
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Welcome to the site! Good luck with the upcoming birth!
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Hope all goes well with the birth, not long to go now.
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Welcome to TCS Erin! I would love to see pics of your little family, and also keep us posted on when she has the kittens. If you have any questions about it, please let us know!

If you need help navigating the boards, please let me know!! Have fun!
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Hey Erin, (great name by the way) welcome to TCS. Good luck with Frankie's pregnancy. Hope all goes well. If you have any questions about anything, let us know. Everyone here is really helpful. Look forward to getting to know you.

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Welcome to TCS. And please keep Frankie "indoors" until you have her spayed. I had a friend who kept saying she would get her cat fixed..but the cat kept getting out after it had a litter and got pregnant again...don't want that to happen to you.

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Thanks for the warm welcome everybody!
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I just love your siggy!
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