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Splenda / Nutrasweet

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I've heard many things about Splenda and nutrisweet, and I have not before had any problems with it. Recently I have been gassy and had diareah. I went away on business for a couple of days, my Splenda intake was much less (not nill), and my sympotms went away. Within 12 hours of home, and drinking diet snapple - WAM, symptoms are back. I am again going to conciuosly cut out the sugar substites and see how it goes. While Malitol will produce a similar affect, I've cut malitols all but out of my system before this.

Anyone else experience this?
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I have noticed with diet beverages, I get horrible headaches and a very upset stomach. Since I have cut these out, I have felt tons better. I don't notice the side effects when eating foods with the sugar substitutes, though. I've read some horrible stuff on aspartame, but then again, you certainly can't believe everything that you read, unfortunately. My bf is diabetic, and he doesn't seem to have any issues, but I've always had a quirky tum tum.
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I have ulcerative colitis and artificial sweeteners bother my stomach to no end, yet I can drink Diet Pepsi, not Diet Coke. Its the aspartame in it that bothers stomachs is what the Internal Medicine Dr told me.
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I don't know about nutrasweet but splenda in large quantities will cause major diarreah. I know that because I am on the Aitkins diet and have been eating some of the low carb ice cream...which tastes just wondeful...but I have to monitor myslef on how much I eat because otherwise...well you know. That is because of the splenda in it. Also, the low carb candy bars made with splenda even carry a warning that it could cause diarreah if you eat very many of them. Even knowing this, I still find myself pigging out on this stuff...I pay for it later...but to be able to eat such wonderful tasting things and still be on my diet is just too much temptation! I have just decided it is a small price to pay, I guess....but it does suck.
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All I've got to say is... MAKE SURE TO DRINK YOUR WATER!! Dehydration is really the pits. I, as well, am all too aware of the horrible things your belly can enstow upon you. Even though you feel like poo (literally! ), you gotta keep up on that water intake! I've found that Pepto does wonders in putting a stop to the water works (I'm sorry, am I being too gross or graphic? I apologize if I'm offending anyone).
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I've never really had an issue, but I've been drinking diet for aeons. real stuff tastes swampbutt nasty
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