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New Fur Baby

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Here is the Little guy we went to Nashville last weekend to pick up.
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Sorry it took so long to post a picture but the digital camera quit working so I had to get another one just got it working.
ETA: somehow in capturing and resizing for our siggys, I succeded in shrinking this pic too, will make him bigger again when I get home tonight!
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He's absolutely adorable, and I'd love to see more pictures!
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He is soooooooooooo sweet
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can I have him??????
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Awwww, he's so sweet!!!!!!!!!
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What a cute baby!
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What a sweetie
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I think he'll fit right in one of my pockets

Very Cute!!!!

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hey watch it Jeff - I asked first
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He's a cutie!! What is the little guy's name?
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Hey--back off guys! He's mine

He is precious Cindy!!
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Sorry but as of yet he doesn't have a name may take a few days
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Good luck naming him - He sure is a cutie pie and has such a sweet face
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Is Nashville far from where you live? I thought that was in like Tenesse or something, lol heard that from a song. Anyway he's gorgeous.. I can't wait to see more pics of him. Good lucking with the naming!
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Awww..........he's a very cute little boy. Please post more pics!

Lisa & Sash
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What a sweet baby!
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