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Cagneys kittens at 25 days old

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I got the kittens pics back today, but as most of you know, I cant post them

If anyone wants to take the time to post them for me, I'd be happy to e-mail them to you...there's only 3 pics, and they've all benn cropped

I wish this darn pc worked right!

The pics arent great, they were taken with a throw away camera so the "siamese twins" have red-eye, and the 2 grey females arent nearly as pretty as they really are!

Oh well, maybe next time.
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OOOOOoooooo let me let me!!! send them to: oooo can't wait to see them!!
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They're on their way

Thank you so're the best!
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Ooooo Cleo - I just tried to post them but it says they're too big!!! I don't have the facility on this computer to shrink them!! OO noooooo!!!!! Can anyone help? Pleeeeeeeese!! these pics are soooooooooo cute!!!

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Thanks for trying hon, I'll try to shrink them and re-send them to you.
You're the greatest!
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Oh Cleo can't wait to see them
I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!!
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Cleo!! I got them love but I have tried again and I have just checked their sizes - they are still too big just by a teeeeny weeeeeeeny bit!! arrrgggghhhh Sorry love!! if you reduce them just a bit more - they'll go on fine!! hee hee what fun!!
:laughing: (not that Im complaining cos I keep getting loads of cute kitties in my mail!! )I'll be waiting love!!
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Hi Rhea,
This is about as small as it gets....I hope it works!

I hope you know how much I appreciate this...maybe I can return the favor in some way sometime?

Hey, I know....would you like a kitten? :LOL:
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OOOO YES YES YES!!!! Gimme gimme gimme!!! I want one!! :laughing: And hey, don't worry love - Im doing this at work so its not like theres anything better to do!! ha ha ha (not there even is anything better than cute kitties!)

Here we go....
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Wooohooo its working!! Yippeee now everyone can see the cuteness!! here comes another:
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Oh yes, they just keep getting better!!
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Nice pink butt in that last one eh? tooo cute!!
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Ooooooooohhhhh!!! I want them all they are sooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!! Cleo they are precious!!! I'm glad to be the thoird person to lay eyes on them - absolutely gorgeous!!!!
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There you go hun!! are they just the cutest?!! If you need anymore drooling on...oops, I mean posting on.... just let me know!!

They are simply irresistable!! Yum yum yum

It was my pleasure!!
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Oh God, we did it! (well, you did!)

Okay, the first pic is of all 4, the twins are Bugsy and Mugsy, the paler of the 2 Siamese is the one that was born hairless, and was then nicknamed Pinky...he is the pink butt featured in the other pic! :LOL:

The Siamese twins are my loves, I want to keep one, but am fluctuating between the 2, I tend to favor the darker pointed of the 2 though. Knowing me, I'll keep 'em both!

The dark grey female with white paws is who we call LunchBox, or FeedBag, she NEVER stops nursing!

And the lovely pale grey female with white paws is Cinder, shes very shy, but is the one the vet said was incredibly LOUD for her age...she's very vocal!

Thank you again love, I owe ya!

Hey, maybe my friends from Luton can smuggle one back to you? They're only 20 miles away from you! :LOL:
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Bargain!! , I'll be waiting out back behind the bike sheds ok?!! ha ha ha..... Im not fussy which one you send me!! Just let me know what your friends look like and Ill keep an eye out for 'em!!
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Cleo...They are all sooooo cute!!
I love little kittens!
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what adorable little babies!

I don't know if I would be able to part with any of them.
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I just love those pointed kittens. I've always wanted a Siamese, and those look pretty close. It's neat to see how many different color patterns you got out of a black and white cat. Muffy's babies were all tabbies except one female, who was black. I had read that tabby markings are dominant, and they weren't kidding!
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The babes are absolutely gorgeous - heart stealers for sure!
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Cleo!!! ALL your babies are SO cute!!! But I especially like the two Siamese ones!!!
Just a question, how did you shrink your pictures so that Bodlover could post them? I am still trying to figure this out...I have pictures saved in my documents,(from a disk) but can't post them, because they are too large. Nitecrawlr has helped me quite a bit, and gave me a website to download, so I will have to play around with that when I have more time, but I was just curious how you did it.
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I use Adobe Photo Deluxe/Acrobat, and I swear by it!
It gives you a lot of options, like converting pics from BMP, to JPEG, GIF, etc, sizing pics, distorting, changing to black and white...all kinds of stuff.
I cant remember how long I've had least 4 years, but its all I use.

You know, now that I think about it, maybe I need to reinstall it, maybe thats whats wrong with my attachments now that I reloaded everything else on this darn pc....

Good luck hon, I wanna see your pics!
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Those kitties are so precious. All of them look so cute. You both did a good job with the pictures. I have Adobe Photo Deluxe 4.0 and it is great. I love adjusting and fixing pictures using this program.
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