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StRaNge cat!!!

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I saw this cat the other day, and it's markings were so beautiful yet so strange .. i've never even heard of a cat looking like this before! It was striped but only around the middle section. It looked like underneath its markings was all black fur, and its face was a lighter cream colour with black around the eyes and mouth, as if it was wearing a mask! I can remember the colours of the stripes or the rest of the cat other than its head was black and its face was mainly cream coloured. Any idea what breed this may have been, or seen or heard anything like it??
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oh yeah and, whats the strangest/ most beautiful cat you've ever seen??
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, just about sounds like a racoon to me!
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lol it does sound like it, doesn't it? but it wasn't, I can tell ya that much. It was very beautiful.. I wish I could have gotten a picture of it to post.
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