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2.7 creatinine "possible renal failure"

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so me, kingston, v8 and my hubby just left the vets office. v8 was being examined because of his behavior changes over the last few months (not being able to jump up to our bed anymore... crying at night if the lights are off.. being a little grumpier than usual, etc). anywhoo.. i guess i was expecting an xray and "oh he's fine" or something but instead we got "well his creatinine is slightly elevated and this could possibly be the beginning of renal failure". we are going to get a urine sample first to get a little more info and then i guess we'll know more. i was asking the vet about the if we should go through with adopting a third kitty or not (we had been considering this recently) and she said "if it were me and i had one cat that stresses easily and another with possible renal failure - i wouldn't do it". then it hit me.. my cat my die? my cat might have kidney disease?! what?

so for those of you vet techs or more experienced with this topic - normal gets as high as 2.4 right? is 2.7 almost a sure thing or is it really just maybe/maybe not? is it possible he's okay? i think i am in shock right now, i cant get out what i am trying to ask very well but i think you guys get the gist

sorry for the scattered thoughts -
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Please take a deep breath. It is scary, it is worse because you don't even know for sure if your kitty does have this. The *best* place I know on the 'net for information on this is here -Feline Crf.Com it is extensive and detailed, and was one of the first places I went when my cat was diagnosed with CRF (Chronic Renal Failure).

A diagnosis of crf is made on more than the creatine level, it is also made based on the BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) and in assessing the urine's specific gravity (to see how concentrated or dilute it is...crf kitties have very dilute urine). I'm sure the TCS vet tech will comment, but I wanted to quickly give you the web address I did above, and to reassure you that many kitties with crf live a good life with appropriate care for several years more. No one can say how long, because each kitty is different, and the stage they are diagnosed at will vary. If your kitties bun is also only high norm, I'd say your kitty has early crf.

Patrick was diagnosed at 15, that was 2 years ago. He is failing now but that is because he has an additional health issue now, and has developed anemia (which is related to the crf). I am on a wonderful support list - and based on the members stories there, I can tell you of reading of cats celebrating 4 and 5 year anniversaries from diagnosis...but to be honest, that is more the exception than the rule. Key is treating your cat, not the numbers...how is your kitty's appetite, how much vomitting if any, how is it's blood pressure maintaining, is it becoming anemic, how is the coat quality, is there muscle wasting, how is it's gait. There are meds and special diets, sub-q fluid therapy..many things you can do, to give your kitty more time, quality time, with you.

Please don't misunderstand, when I say if you can't avoid this diagnosis, be glad that it may well be very early crf, that sites exist such as the one link I gave you, there is much that you can do.

Patrick is snoozing happily at my feet....I've cherished every day of the past two years, and will cherish all the ones remaining.
I wish you and V8 all the best, please feel free to PM me any time.
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