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please help

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HI.. I really need your help. Or, Cimba does. Cimba is my 4 year old male fluffy orange cat whom I love to death. In the past 2 or 3 days though something has been wrong. My parents and I had to go away for a few days to a funeral (my grandma) and the night we got back I woke up to hear my cat getting sick. He got sick twice, and in large amounts for it being twice. Then later in the night there was something wrong with the furnace so my dad went down to the basement to check it out and he noticed a bunch of kitty throw up in front of the furnace. He does get sick occassionally because of hairballs, but nothing like this. So I cleaned it up and was concerned but thought maybe he just had a cat flu or something.

Then today he was spazzing out. I mean, all cats spazz out, I know that. This was weird spazzing out though. He was running back and forth from the front door to the back door and back again with this wide-eyed look barely touching the floor, because he was going so fast. This didn't concern me until I picked him up to calm him down. I held him like a baby and he just layed there with a still, wide-eyed look and didn't seem to acknowledge (sp?) that I was holding him and petting him, nor that he was laying on his back. I set him down and he seemed alright. Then he started doing the same thing again later on.

Usually when we are having supper in the living room Cimba is right up there on the couch laying beside my mom trying to get a sniff of her food. Well it was during this time that he was doing the spazz out thing again. Then he stopped and calmly walked into the living room, jumped on the couch then turned around and jumped down. VERY odd for him to not stay there.

My mom said "I hope he hasn't got feline distemper" so I looked up the symptoms and it doesn't seem like it.. does it?? Please help. I know I should take him to the vet, but I may just be over-reacting and being only 17 and jobless at the moment I dont' have any money. If it sounds really serious I would maybe be able to work something out.

Sorry this was so long, whats your opinions??
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Welcome to TCS.

Whe a kitty exhibits odd or unusual behaviour, it is either a sign that they are physically ill or something is going on psychologically for them. In your case, it definitely sounds physical. Reading the symptoms you described, I am concerned and urge you to take him to a vet ASAP. What you call a 'spazz out' may be a kind of seizure. Please get him to a vet.
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a seizure?? really..?? Could you maybe give me more info on that or explain it to me a bit.. I never would have thought him running back and forth like that and stuff could be a seizure
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Possibly. I'm not a vet but it sounds like something is going on brain-wise.
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It could also be a couple of things. While you were gone, he could have been bored and gotten into something he normally shouldn't have. Or he was so stressed you were gone, he has made himself ill- or he fell or ran into something injuring his head? Whatever, this is a definite vet call to be looked at as soon as possible-

Let us know what the vet says okay?
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1 other possibility depending on the cats age would be a stroke.
A Vet visit is definitely the best course to take just to find out. Our 20 year old tabby has had 3 major "events" (you gotta love Vets and the terminology) that were strokes. She's on blood pressure meds and doing fine.

Good luck.

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thanks for the replies. I need to figure something out for payment now.. Maybe they have some sort of a payment plan, but i doubt it. Oh man. So you guys don't think I'm just over-reacting?? He seems ok now.. but I just don't know for sure. He looks and is acting normal, but he was before too. Arg.
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Perhaps this article might help:
What You Can Do If You Are Having Trouble Affording Veterinary Care - click here

Please keep us posted.
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I talked to my mom about and she said that he might just be going through something, which is possible, so we are going to give a day and keep a close eye on him for any changes, and see if this odd stuff continues. If not then thats good, but if it continues or worsens we will take him to the vet. It doesn't appear to be really serious but I dunno. Thanks for all your time and replies and such.
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