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Well, I don't know about cleaning up the filth at work. There is no filth at work. In fact my office is in a very fashionable part of Los Angeles. It's in West Hollywood, about 2 blocks out of Beverly Hills. The rents in the area are unbelievably expensive, and all of the homes and apartments in the area are clean and well maintained. I think the rats we have at work are because of this ancient tree that hangs over our building. It's certainly not because of dirt. There are a lot fashionable shops in the same complex as my workplace. I'd say everyone in the area takes extreme pride in their offices or homes. So, aside from Birth Control, I don't know how else we'd get rid of the rats.

Although I didn't work last night, I did call the office to see what was going on with the rat population, and person who does the Graveyard relief on the weekends told me that one of that rats did meet his/her end, in one of my bosses traps. It makes me sad that the poor creature had to suffer, and I'm glad I wasn't there to witness this. However, I know that I personally could not and can not take much more of the nocturnal visits. The terror and anxiety I've gone thru all week has taken it's toll on my physically. I was so exhausted yesterday morning when I got off work, that instead of getting in my car and driving straight home, I had to recline my car seat all the way back, roll down the window and I took a two hour nap before I went home. I was totally drained. Then I have to face it all over again, starting at Midnight Monday morning.
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Dear Hope,
Hey. I go berserk when I see a mouse. I couldn't imagine having a rat run under my feet! Your boss is being insensitive to your fears and needs as an employee.

Can you ask a friend to come to work with you to take pictures? A video camera would be even better. Don't make the noises. Have the friend video you and your office and then video the office when the rats come in. I know it would be scary, but then you'd have proof. (If you could take pictures of the ones dead in the traps, that would be good to.) You could also have your friend video you stomping your feet and catching your reactions on camera. (Like a documentary of sorts.) Also, print out this thread to show the mental suffering you are going through.

Take your documentation to whomever in the county could help! You shouldn't have to suffer at work. A lot of times it's the proof of the camera, pictures, and witnessess that gets the case solved.

Best Wishes,
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Rats are great in tatertot casserole, be sure not to over cook as the meat can become tough
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I had a pet rat when I was in my teens, and I get the odd mouse in my apartment (which my meowies take *ahem* care of), so rodents don't bother me too much.

As for wild rats, I've seen them here in Toronto too, and they're huge and grey/black like New York rats, but I find they do tend to avoid people. I think they're about as freaked out by us as we are of them. Well, not myself, which is why the rat usually seems surprised and takes off when I've encountered them.

But seriously, I understand all of your fears. I'm scared to death of spiders and cockroaches.

I saw the HUGEST cockroach when I was walking around the East Village in New York at around 2am. You could put a leash on those things!
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Originally Posted by Javern
Rats are great in tatertot casserole, be sure not to over cook as the meat can become tough
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Just to put you a little bit at ease rats do not carry rabies although then can carry other diseases. We have a rat problem outside our home because we live right next to the river and a park with lots of fields. They are not even scared to go next to the stud enclosure and believe me the stud makes his presence known with all his spray!
If you poision them they stick to no end. But if you don't they just keep multiplying untill you are overrun by them.
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Oh and if you catch them on a glue trap you can take them and drown them in a bucket, it's quick and they don't suffer since everyonme seems to be so concerned about rats suffering.
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