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Aggresive Cat Attacks Strange Cats

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I have two 1 year old male cats who are brothers and they get along just fine. They are real sweethearts to me and any human friends that come over, but when strange cats, such as neighbor's cats, come over, my one cat Houdini gets extremly aggresive and tries to attack them, even if they are bigger than he is. A few weeks ago I found a female kitten and took her in, but Houdini was downright livid at her, and luckily I found the proper owner very quickly. The main problem is is I want to get another kitten, but I am afraid Houdini won't be very accepting, to say the least. Keep in mind he is not neutered. If anyone has any advise on how to mellow him out, please let me know! Thanks!
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one word, a very important one- Neuter!
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I've only had three cats in my life, all neutered males, so don't have the experience a lot of others on here have. I keep hearing that neutered males are supposed to be so much more mellow than intact cats. But my first cat, Guard Cat (he was named that for a reason) and one of my current cats were both very aggressive and territorial. Red Cat did finally accept Purdy when I took him in about three years ago, but we had several months of catfights before they settled the issue that Red Cat was top cat. Both continue to chase any other cat they see from the yard and will fight them if they catch them.

I've read the theory proposed by one behaviorist that males neutered later in life may be more inclined than those neutered younger to keep the same territorial and roaming behaviors seen in intact cats. Red Cat was at least age two before he was neutered. So maybe that helps explain it. Or it just may be his individual personality. But I just thought you should know that some neutered cats can still be territorial, too, even if "on average" a neutered cat is less aggressive.
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