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What's your cat's favorite "people" food?

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Although I make sure my cats have proper nutrition cat food, they still have some favorite "people food" treats. My orange tabby, 21 pounds, has developed a taste for ice cream, the only people food he likes.
Matu, however, insists on barbequed meat and a lick or two of mayonaise!
How about your furbabies?:icecream: :icecream:
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Sparky likes Taco Bell tacos. He sneaks them out of the bag and tears through the paper to get to it. He eats the lettuce and the crispy corn shell as well as the meat and cheese. In fact, if I put salsa on anything (like scrambled eggs), all of a sudden I have fur in my face.
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To be honest, all of my cats are fat greedy pies!! (But we love them that way!!) but Boddington has to be the worst! He sits there in front of you while you eat looking all cute and sweet and innocent for about 5-10 mins, if you haven't given him anything by then, thats it - hes gonna take the plate!! He loves Pashwari naan bread, ANY kind of meat in ANY form whatsoever, he also loves pizza and garlic bread, and GRAVY mmmmm - once he gets going on a plate of gravy - he won't budge till he can see his fat little gravy stained face in the reflection of the plate!! :laughing2
Basically they all love "people food" and would rather sit in their own food than eat it!! (though I know they really like it - they just don't think I do!)

Hee hee 5 little podgeballs....(they even lick gravy off of each others faces....when they're desperate that is!)
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Ps, I know its not really "food" as such, but Merle always has to put his fluffy fat paw in every drink I have!! - Especially tea/coffee!! He just sits there with his paw in it watching it! I guess he's just a bit of a
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Snowball doesn't have a certain favorite people food but he likes sweet, sugary foods the best. He is willing to try anything. He has had small tastes of ice cream, cookies, potato chips, vegetables, cooked meat, crackers, marshmellows, cake, pie,and maybe a few others.

Both of the cats, Midnight and Snowball, JUST LOVED IT when we drained the oil out of a can of tuna and let them drink it!!

Snowball gets these little treats very rarely, most of the time he eats cat food and has kitty treats for snacks.
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my cats don't like people food at all. I've offered them ham, mayonnaise, butter, hamburger, ice cream, cake, pretty much anything that we have.

the only thing I've ever gotten one of them to eat was chicken. The other one has never eaten ANYTHING that I've tried to give her. I guess I should be happy I don't have them begging at meal times, but I still don't get it
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I am happy to see that I am not the only one who indulges my cats fancies for people food. I also have a food snatcher- Matu has been known to steal an entire barbequed chicken breast from my plate and go high tailing it down the hall with the dogs in hot pursuit. The dogs wait patiently until Matu has eaten all he wants and he leaves the rest for them. Opening a can of salmon is almost impossible- I either have to stand in the middle of the kitchen holding the bowl or go outside to fix my salmon loaf.
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As a baby Mandy was a typical kitty & wanted to try everything! For several weeks I tried to discourage her from getting into my plate while I ate. Then I just gave up & let her snoop at everything. She soon got bored with that & stopped being so curious about what I might be eating. By the time she was 5 months old she wasn't a bit interested.

Since then I've offered her many things but she just isn't interested. The only thing she has taken more than once is a tiinny piece of crisp bacon and two little bites is all whe wants.

Mandy was taken from Mom at 5 wks and I've decided she must have missed out on some important 'kitty lessons.' (grin) She doesn't do many of the kitty things I read about here, She NEVER asks to have her food bowl filled! I've sometimes waited all day for her to protest that empty bowl but by 3 or 4 in the afternoon I give up & fill it anyway. She will eat then but isn't especially eager for her food. I guess some people just don't know when they are well off but I think it would be cute if she would complain when her bowl is empty.
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AP and MandyCat you guys are so lucky!

Lily, loves yogurt and ice cream. She will eat chicken, cheese and chili (haha the three c's) but only a little bit.

Molly is horrible!! I am trying to teach her manners but it's not working. She will eat anything. She ate a green pepper last night. When I make my lunch in the mornings she steals the meat the bread anything. I can't turn my head. She takes dives into the fridge and head first into my plate of food. We are working on the begging but I really not getting any where!
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Hmmm. Where to start...
Well Twig likes, milk, ice cream, taco bell taco meat, chicken, fish, cheese, ranch dressing, sausage(YUCKY!), Pepperoni(YUCK!)I think that's it.
Rocket likes the same as twig and also, olives(green),tomatoes, mushrooms & lettuce.
Luna likes, chicken, hamburger(YUCK!)& sausage(YUCK!).
Isis likes chicken and that's about it. she is very finicky!:tounge2:
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GrayCat recently discovered the joys of Alfredo Sauce. I left my empty bowl (no pasta, just sauce in the bottom and on the sides) for a millisecond, and he pounced on it. Usually he makes a snorting noise when he "captures" some chicken or other contraband. Two snorts if he's really excited. He gave the alfredo sauce 4, yes 4, snorts. The bowl was so clean I couldn't even tell there had ever been food in it. The next day, Grey pestered me when I picked the bowl up to put it away after I washed and dried it. I wonder if I'll ever be able to eat anything out of that bowl again without Greycat pitching a fit.
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Great thread!
My outside furbabies will eat almost any kind of people food I give them, but my inside furbaby (Merlin) is so spoiled, he is a bit picky, but there is one thing he will NOT turn down, EVER....
HAMBURGER!!! :laughing:
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All my cats like Pepperoni, ham that I have baked and my turkey. They all used to taste other people food but not much any more. Oh I forgot they also like bacon. But I had one cat thats gone now and his favorite thing was to clean out the container when I was thru with my blueberry yogurt. He would stick his head as far down in the container as he could. That was Arthur another black cat. He has been gone for about 5 years and I still miss him.

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Hello :daisy:

My cats seem to eat whatever I eat and that's usually chicken, turkey or fish...of course they eat their own food, but they know I'm a sucker and will break down and share

They would probably eat beef, but I haven't eaten anything like that in yeeyonz.

Love & Peace,
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Both of my cats love ham and juice from canned tuna. Tara also likes Italian salad dressing and tomato sauce. She also get Thanksgiving dinner whenever I cook at home, all the stuff we don't like (liver, etc) plus some meat. The other kitty is still a baby, so her food preferences haven't completely appeared yet.
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Well.........Bootsie is who we call the 'food pirrahna' - she eats ANYTHING and I mean anything from the table. Baby - Lumpy and Red love shrimp and any meats from the table - Noodles will not eat any people food. All of their favorite meat is turkey or chicken. My two little ones, Ripley - we call him starvin marvin- and Smudge are testing the waters re people food, but so far, I have not found anything they don't like. Goldie - their feral mom - loves any scraps of meat and cottage cheese (just a taste) Opening a can of tuna is like world war 20 in the kitchen -
The poor dog doesn't get much in the way of leftovers anymore - but I have to say I love having 7 little tails around the kitchen table at chow time.
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My litle furballs will eat anything I put on a plate. If they think I am eating it, they want some. Fred likes White Russians. I have to make sure I never set one down or he will slurp it right down. He drank about half of one once and sat in the corner grinning at me for hours. They next day he looked like he had a little kitty hangover.
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Muffy will eat absolutely nothing that is not cat food. It's very disappointing when you try to give her a treat and she snubs you time and time again. Puffy, on the other hand, is almost 3.5 months old, and I think he's eat anything you put in front of him. He begs from us when we're eating, and he'll jump onto your plate if you're not careful. He's not nearly as snobbish as Muffy.
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My "kid" Patches likes Ham and Scrambled Eggs and to drink she likes strawberry milkshakes and iced tea.
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Tiki has never been feed from the table. Not even once! I can eat in total peace, as long as it isn't tuna!

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I'm pretty mean to my cats when it comes to people food. They would love to sample everything, but I let them each "pick" one people food when they are kittens, and that's pretty much it for them. Aramis loves ham and can smell it from miles away, Padme adores ice cream - any kind, and Oliver hasn't quite found his yet, although peanut butter is pretty high on the list (told you, he's weird!).

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Nicky, my oldest cat, will eat brocoli, cake, and anything with meat in it. Muffin won't eat any human food except tuna, and Shasta (the youngest) will eat butter, meat, and yogurt.

Ofcourse I give them their own food, but they some how get it before I see them.
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Basil is a sneaky low down rotten dastardly (my new favourite word ) food thief. If it is not actually in your closed mouth it is not safe. Well, I am exaggerating. He is mostly very good if you are there to guard your food. He won't jump up while we are there. BUT the other night Stephi (my 9 year old) was eating a very long french fry and Basil bit the other end!!

Basil likes all people food. He has been seen picking out the vegetables to eat even when there is chicken or other meat there.

Tasha only likes the fish and chicken.
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My little Benny loves sweet food,he likes yogurt, cake, cheesecake,chocolate milk, and any kind of dessert. But he turns his nose at any kind of meat that is not chicken, although he begs for everything as if he liked it, and when I give it to him he'll just leave it there:tounge2:.
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Hi pamelaj,
I had to respond to this one. I have two "babies" Mony(f, 10) & Oreo (m,5. We had a barbecue chicken dinner this evening & Mony came and joined us. I told her she begs as bad as my dogs used to.Needless to say, she shared my chicken. Oreo, on the other hand, won't eat hardly any "people" food unless I coerce him into it. I've posted on this subject before & it still is the same. They can tell a deli bag coming in from the time I open the front door until they get their
"share" (Yes, both like deli meats)
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