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Kimward is a brat!!!

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LOL I just sent her a picture of our new well house we just finished - notice I said a well house not an outhouse!!!!

But Kim apparently sees it differently than I do!
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LMAO! Oh Kim!!!
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Ohhh! Too funny guys ! MA, sad thing is, hub is planning on building a shed for our well and water filter and is going to make it look like an old-fashioned outhouse!
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ROTFLMAO!! OK, OK, I couldn't resist "doctoring" this photo....Here's what the well house really looks like (BTW, very nice job Mike and Mary Anne):

This is what happens when you work alone all day

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LOL! As I told you before Kim on the phone, you need to put a man bathing in our tub! But you better make him a cowboy! LOL
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Can someone explain to this Aussie what a wellhouse is? Is it an outside loo?
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We have three wells on our property. Two house wells and an irrigation well. These well houses is where the pump is stored (since we don't use buckets to bring up this water) and it also keeps the well opening protected and dry during cold snaps- the doors are secured so animals don't fall in the well and pollute the water-
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Tania, for those of us who don't have water piped in and purified by the city, a well is drilled on our property and a pump inserted in it to provide needs a building to protect it from the elements, ie, a well house.....
ETA, I see MA and I were posting on top of each any rate!
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Here in Florida this design would be considered a very classy Port-o_potty - LOL!

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Well Kim, as I told you before many times, you are one "classy" chick!
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Thanks for the explanation. We do a similar thing to connect to sprinklers to water the garden, called bore water. As our suburb was built on a former swamp, you sure do know when someone has turned their sprinklers on! Peeuuuw! It's good for the garden, though.
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Who knew Mary Anne's well house could spawn such art? ROTFL!! (MA, you're a good sport) Here's another Picasso:

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You left out the Sears, Roebuck catalog!
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Love the kitty peering over the edge of the tub!
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OMG Kim , you are so bad
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LOL! Is that Bailey in the tub? Mike said he'd end up falling in!
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I think it's Go go in the tub!

Mary Anne & Mike, what a great little wellhouse it is! even after kims finished with it.
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Funny, Kim! What a nice little well house, MA!
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Nice well house MA - modified or not
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That's funny! At first glance I was wondering why you cut out a moon shape in the door, but then saw the original photo.
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