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Baby tiger is growing and doing well

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Update on the little girl (that's her with me on 6/6/04 below.) She's putting on weight well and very full of herself. She'll still need surgery on her mouth when she gets a bit older.

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OMG she's beautiful

How heavy is she now?
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Oh, she's precious! Glad to hear that she's doing well!
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She is soooo amazing - thanks for taking such good care of her
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Oh George thank you for showing that beauty!

She sure looks like she has a lot of purrsonality! Come to think of it, do tigers purr?
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She is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Oh my... Thanx for posting your pics.
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She's so beautiful!!!!

I love her expression in the first pic!!!
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wow! what a georgous cat i'm glad she is doing well!
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she is so sweet!!!
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Wow, what a beautiful girl you have, what's her name? Would love to reach into the pictures and pet her. Thanks for sharing the two pics.
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What a beauty she is , I am so glad she has come in to you care . Thank you for caring and for your big
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Oh Yeah, I'm in looooooooooooooove. She's so so so beautiful.
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She is absolutely breathtaking! What a stunning girl! I have to know...I've always wondered about what they feel like to pet...Does their fur feel like a domestic cat's or is it more coarse? I know, silly question, but I've always wondered about that!
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what a gorgeous girl glad to hear she is getting better now - you did an amazing job looking after her
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She weighs about 20 lbs at the moment, she gets weighed every day as part of her progress review, but I haven't looked to get the exact number.

Tigers purr? Depends on who you ask. Generally large cats are not considered to purr, but tigers do "chuffle" and make some other soft noises, which some consider to actually be purring. They only make this noise on their exhale, while domestic cats purr on both the inhale and exhale.

I'm not the one that did the real work for this girl. There's a whole group of people involved, and others in the group really put in the huge effort day in and day out to bring her along. They really deserve the credit for this one. I've patched up, sat up with, hand fed, soothed, etc. quite a few critters, but I would be kidding myself to try and claim any credit for this little girl. I've fed her a few times but that's about it.

To me tiger fur is sort of soft and course at the same time, depends on where you touch and which tiger you're talking about, though not as course as lion fur seems to be. In all reality it's not much different than many other big animals, though the fur on my house cats (all 9 of them) does seem softer. One thing I did noticed with the big cats is the power in the underlying muscles seems very obvious.
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Thanks for the update and pictures

She's a beauty
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Hey, that's good news she's growing! She's so adorable!
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Oh my god, she's adorable!! I'm sure she will have a very happy and enjoyable life now.

Lisa & Sash
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Oh George she is gorgeous Wonderful news that she is gaining weight Give her an extra rub from me.
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Oh, how beautiful!
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