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Sophies into everything!!

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She's worse than what Rosie was when she was a kitten!

Last week she she knocked of the windowsill my eyeshadow that went from being a solid block to loose powder.

Yesterday when i was putting my face on, she stole my lip pencil and ran upstairs, and i still havent found it yet but it'll show up.

Today she knocked my lipstick off the windowsill that went down the back of the radiator!. I cant get to it from either end or below because of metal brackets so i've lost that for good now.

Then, the eyeshadow that turned to loose powder was in her sight and she looked like she was ready to sniff it and i had this horrible thought of her sneezing and it going everywhere!, so i went to grab it from her, but instead she had just slightly dipped her mouth onto it which left her with a charcoal grey mouth .

How do we not get annoyed at them?, we just can't!!!
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I came home from work yesterday to see a barbage can that I thought I had put in a safe place on its side on the floor with the garbage on the floor. Besides that I haven't come apon anything else, but with both girls being only 10 weeks old, I am sure I will.

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oh Susan - Sophie just wants to show you just how pretty she could be with mum's makeup - she wants to know why she cant use it
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Ahmmm - you might want to make an effort to retrieve the lipstick from behind the radiator because when it cold out and you have to turn on the heat that lipstick is going to melt and possibly ooze out of the casing...
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I'm going to have to try tonight, but it will be a job for a wire coathanger!.

I'll be able to push it along from the top but how i get it up and over the radiator from then i just don't know as there are full length metal brackets on either end so i can't even slide it out that way
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I know what u mean about cats getting into everything! In the past 3 years, 4 lamps have been broken, 2 statues broken, 1 vase broken, 5 plants broken/ruined, and some clothes ruined (due to cats playing in the closet using claws on clothes)..

U're right, how can we stay annoyed at them when they look at us innocently!!
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Oooooh i've got those to come, although she has knocked over a vase a couple of times but at the moment it's still in one piece, but i have an artificial spider plant with baby spiders hanging down, at least there were babies, she's bit the whole lot off now and just left the big plant!
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My god I have saint - he never broke anything ( he walks very carefull around stuff) or destroyed clothes. Hmm that makes you wonder - what is wrong with my baby

BUt he does use the carpet at times as a scrating post....
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Ooooooooh don't speak too soon Helen, you may have tempted fate there!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Ooooooooh don't speak too soon Helen, you may have tempted fate there!
hahahahaha I second that - ssssshhhhh Helen dont let him read this post or he may change
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hehehehe - you are probably right - he'll probably have a surprise for me tonight!!!
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Well for us, whenever Jerry and I go anywhere, when we get home, one of the 3 bandits have brought up dirty clothes from the basement laundry to the main floor and also have gone upstairs and drag down one of my favorite rag dolls. We can count on this every day. Get mad at them??? NAAAAA, but I just wish I could catch who ever is doing it. I did catch Petals once dragging a stuffed Elmo down the steps, so it's probably her.
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In the mornings when I come out of my bedroom, I often will find blankets and towels all over. Spikey, for some reason, likes to drag the blanket from his basket all over and also goes into the bathroom and drags the towels off the rack then drag them all over the apt!
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