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The Horror!

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I cannot belive the terrible things people can do, especially to just a sweet, innocent extremly young creature! Please read here. Warning the link is extremely graphic and disturbing enter at your own discretion


This poor kitten is being tortured! Sign the peition now to have these sick, mindless people pay!
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ilovecats, I moved this to the proper forum and added a warning in your original post, as cat lovers need to understand that this link could disturb them greatly. I also cleaned up your post, there was some garbage there, some sort of link that went awry.

Even those of us who work with abused cats, will be disturbed with what happened to this poor kitten.
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I am sorry I put this in the wrong area. I hope no one is too upset by this, as I greatly was, and still am. *sob* Please, oh please let these horrable people never get out of jail. The pictures aren't horrble, its the story that is a shocker. Please look, if you can, to tell me if you feel the same way. Thank you Hissy, so much for cleaning everything up (my mistake) and for putting up the warning, as it may be needed.
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No that is understandable, it is a grievious thing they did to this cat. But warning people prior to going in is always a good thing. I have seen such abuse on cats, and am a bit more thick-skinned about it than others, but some members are likely to get really upset and they just needed to know before going in.

Sadly there is never a stiff enough penalty against those who brutalize cats-
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Unfortunately, the case against him was dismissed, as the witness was unable to provide details.


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Oh no! This is horrible! I was complety hoping that he would find the justice he deserved! I wish that the witness had details!
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According to the news article, "Our eyewitness said she has no memory of any occurrence with a cat at her apartment complex that night." Makes you wonder if her "memory" was affected by the threats she received, doesn't it?
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