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Keeping out of the bedroom

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Hello all!

After a long discussion, my boyfriend and I have come to the agreement that the cat must stay out of the bedroom, partly because of my allergies, and partly because the cat thinks 4:30 a.m is a great time to start a party on the bed. The problem is, I only stay there on weekends. So Friday-Sunday, the room is off-limits. But Monday-Thursday, my bf isnt too strict about reinforcing this issue. My thoughts are that this inconsistency is confusing the cat, which is probably why he meows at the door, wanting to be let in. I believe that we must be firm about this and enforce the issue every day, so a routine regarding the new boundaries will be set. My bf says he will eventually learn that he cant come in when i am here, and stop meowing on his own. Let me state for the record the first signs of meowing are at 7:00 for breakfast, so that need is quickly met, and bf returns to bed, as we are late risers. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
One more quick question....is there such thing as a shedding season? This cat seems to be losing hair by the handful, much more than normal. Anyplace he sits, he leaves behind a great deal of fur. Any thoughts on this, and any advice is again greatly appreciated.

Have a great day!
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My thoughts are it is unfortunate that this cat cannot be in the bedroom with the people who he knows is in his life to care for him. Most cats will play at night, and it is only through ignoring them that they ever stop. Same goes for his meowing demands in the morning, give in to what he wants, he trains you well, and you have the makings of a cat who calls the shots. How about a compromise, move a nice tall cat condo in the bedroom, let the cat sleep there, versus the bed. You can wash your top bedcover in a lemon scented safe cleaner and that will stop the cat from wanting to go on the bed. But he will still be in the bedroom, on his cat condo and will feel secure there.

Cats shed in the summer, they blow out their undercoat, brushing him daily will help him to shed out, brush him in an open room with the windows open for good ventilation.
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