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I am Very Nervous

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I was watching the news this morning and they were saying that many companies are laying off many employees as a result of the attack. I don't like this news because I am currently searching for a good company to work for who does not have a reputation of laying off workers. They said that the airlines, travel industry, insurance, and others are highly affected. Do any of you know if I can find a permanent place to work for? Before the tragedy, I had my sights set on Delta or a career as a travel reservation agent. I am not looking for employment that pays real well(although that would be very nice for me) but my main interest is that it is stable.
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IMO some of them are over reacting too soon and using this as a reason to get out of financial debt. To tell you nena where to look for work right now is hard, because I don't know anything about you- your schooling, your interests,(besides cats) or your strengths and previous experience. I would go to a search engine like Google and click on it, then ask it to find websites with Apptitude Tests, take one of these tests and find out there what you would best be suited for. But right now, a travel reservation clerk or airline personnel would be a bad choice..........
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My experience is, when the war machine kicks in, the jobs are usually in high tech. You're better off welding or stuffing circuit boards right now than in the travel industry. Besides, you can always do something for the duration and make a change later.
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What are you good at? What are your skills. I agree, I would stay as far away as you can from the travel industry. Including Hotels, airlines, travel agencies.

Hi-tech is always a great field to look into. I worked in it for awhile and although there might be layoffs such as Intel does, they take great care of you when they lay you off and you are first to be hired back when they are ready!!

Good luck :flower:
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I like to type or do data entry, although I can type up to 60wpm and I am a little slow on data entry. I like to work with animals, although I don't have experience. I have been looking for work in the shelters, pet stores, vet office, but no luck. I would love to do volunteer work if that helps with experience but I think I will do it after I finish school. I would also like to translate papers from english to spanish and vice versa.
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My it sounds like you have a lot of wonderful skills. I am sure you will find something. Just don't give up!!

If you were to find something in the hi-tech area, your data entry skills could come in quite handy. You don't have to be an expert on the computer. When I started out working for Nike's computer department that is what I did. Data Entry and I received on the job training and moved up through the ranks from there. It pays well, and the people are great.
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You know, when I was in college, I did a bunch of temp work through Kelly Services. You can take jobs or not, depending on your schedule and what they're paying. It's mostly office work, so your typing and data entry skills would be useful, but some really big companies could sure use someone to translate written materials into Spanish. I worked for a while updating the manuals for a company that made cd's, and I know it would have been good for them to have those in Spanish too. (through Kelly, and I set my own hours for that one) So, just a thought, if you're not sure what you want to do, it gets you experience in a bunch of different places. Plus you list them as your employer, so your work history looks stable.

Good luck!
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I forgot to mention that I also like customer service. Thanks for the tips. As soon as I finish college, I will go apply anywhere that will take me.
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